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Roblox JailBreak – Latest Codes To Jailbreak Roblox

Roblox JailBreak

Roblox Jailbreak is an online gaming app introduced by Badcc and Asimo is an interesting game that no one has ever thought about. The Roblox Jailbreak game has broken the record of Roblox as its release increased the records of growth in history for 10 years. Wondering what is so special in this game and what made it so popular?


Jailbreak is a game in which the players escape from jail and runs away from the police. They tend to escape from the cops chasing and also that person can wander anywhere in the city or can even make a situation to play the game again! What inspired Badcc to invent such a game? He was inspired by Redwood Prison which is a game designed by RoyStanford.

Jailbreak Roblox

He found that the prison life was interesting and also, he found one fault is that after escaping from the prison and cops there is no more quest to the players. He found it incomplete hence, he thought to bring a new type that prisoners breaking out from prison and cops chasing would be wildly interesting and as expected, the game was successful.

They released it after so much testing by letting the people play to find the pros and cons. Expectedly the game was successful and the makers exclaimed that it was fun to play as to how it was to make!


The Jailbreak was released for just a quarter month which was quick and smooth and within a year the game received 75k+ active users which is the highest rate for Roblox. Jailbreaking was one of the fastest-growing games that had reached around 150 million visits.

Roblox Jailbreak

The company is still hoping that with all the great qualities they might increase more users and also the makers are planning to develop some extra features in the game. The user interface is the main part that separates the Jailbreak game from other games. Gameplay is another feature that helped for the success of Roblox as it includes different modes of plays. 

The gamers need not know what they robbed, but as a prisoner, they can pickpocket from the police, hijack helicopters and much more can be done. Creating own type may be interesting and challenging for the gamers and the background setting seems to attract and provoke the wondering minds of the users.

It offers a great balance of power and challenge between the prisoner and police which fits the style of gameplay. The game includes various lines of codes which can be updated weekly. 


There are certain codes that help the players to win the game easily which can be subscribed to according to the user’s convenience. The new updated code of April2021 for Rs 10,000.

The list of expired codes are as follows

  • march2021 for Rs 5000
  • doggo for Rs 7500 cash
  • winter for Rs 5000
  • FALL2020 for Rs 5000
  • MOLTEN for Rs 10,000
  • Balance for Rs 6000
  • 5Days for Rs 7500
  • Cargo for 7500 cash
  • stayhealthy for 5000 cash
  • minimustang for 10,000
  • countdown for 5000 cash


The codes can be redeemed by heading to the bank or police station or any other stations. Once entering the point enter the ‘Code’ and click on the “Redeem Button” to get rewarded. With the cash, one can buy anything he wants like cars, guns or some other vehicles. 

The game can be teamed up with friends and perform heists. The codes are often updated on the official websites and also one drawback is that the codes end quickly that makes you redeem the codes. The codes can be redeemed from the ATM spots and by entering the code. The Jailbreak game is a roleplaying game that improves the user’s problem-solving skills and has many benefits in this game but, too much of anything is good for nothing. 

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