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Enable and Configure Push to talk Discord in 2 minutes.

Push to talk discord: If you are from the gaming world, you must have discovered by now what we are gonna talk about. If not, we are here for the same purpose! When we can communicate with other players during the play, we feel more connected to the game. It seems like a strong presence of friends who are ready to play with us anytime.


Discord’ is exactly that kind of chatting service.

If you think you can just chat through Discord, you are extremely misguided.

Let’s figure out what else you can do! But that is not happening if you leave the page midway. To explore the best stick until the end.


Why do you need a push to talk discord?

Let’s understand it with an example ratherthan through theoretical lines. The theory is boring at times!

Think you are busy playing a game in multiplayer mode but one of your friends who has mediocre headsets or internal microphone in their device ruins the entire game with lots of background noise!! That is one of the worst experiences for any gamer.

What to do in that case? How can you save your game from getting interfered with disturbances? There is only one solution- Push to talk discord!

Try it as soon as possible and have the best gaming experience.

Let’s learn how to enable this feature.

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How to enable push to talk in discord?

Follow this step-by-step guide to get the push to talk in discord enabled in no time.

  • Log in to whatever version of Discord you are having right now.
  • Tap on the Settings icon present on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • By now, you must have reached in Discord’s settings, scroll down and click Voice and Video.
  • Click on Push to talk. You will see a tick there in the box that means the feature is enabled.

You have enabled Push to Talk in Discord. The next thing you require to do is Configure it as you cannot use it right away without configuring it.

See below how you can do it…

  • Head to the settings and figure out the keybinds section. Here you can add many shortcuts that will be useful during the play.
  • Click on Add akeybind.
  • Select Push to Talk action > record Keybind.
  • Press the key you want to toggle.
  • Hit right on the Stop Recording option to save your preference.
  • Turn back to Settings > Voice.

You will notice a Push to Talk Release Delay slider there. This indicates the time taken to reduce your voice signal.

Try cracking it to a bit higher value than 20 ms so your game is interruption-free.

Wrap It Up

Think we miss something? How about letting us know through the comment section? We will be glad to hear from you.

Push To talk is a must-have thing for all multiplayer game lovers. Share this with your friends too.

Enjoy a noise-free gaming experience!

As a word of advice, try moving to the Keybind close to movement keys. This in turn doesn’t let your gameplay affect.

Have a great day! Come again for another useful hack!

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