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Project QT Mod Apk – Download Latest APP

Project QT Mod Apk is a personal RPG style of game but there is more than a puzzle aspect of the game. 

Adult Oriented video game distributor Nutaku has announced this project QT application. The game is absolutely free to play for android users. 

Project QT Mod Apk

The game is developed by xDNA and published by Nutaku with NSFW content. 

About Project QT Mod Apk

Though the game is quite easy to understand and play. The game begins with a laboratory with a group of scientists. Where all the scientists were busy discovering a new World Like The Earth in the Galaxy. At the end of the research, they will find a very interesting discovery they will Discover some beautiful Alien girls. All the million girls are exceptionally beautiful but you cannot even imagine that they become Monsters for the world and start killing people in the world. 

The game features you with many mechanisms and systems that players can explore and have fun. 

Project QT Mod Apk download

Chief Characteristics 

  • Monster Girls- Seducing the monster girls present in the room makes them feel that you are more loyal and improve their loyalty to upgrade their skills and unlock H- scenes. 
  • Challenging – you can challenge the other players in the arena. 
  • Characters – you can Evolve your girl from 1 star to 5 stars. Each evolution shows them in a different state of undress also this increase is your battle skills.  Level up your girls to make them more powerful with upgradation. 

With the promotion, you can increase the basic stats of your girls. 

Project QT MOD Apk for Android 

If you love turn-based fighting games. Project QT s your one-way grade solution as it is a great enemy game that you have been looking for so far. You will become the ultimate commander of the beautiful hot female Warriors and take part in the mission to protect the earth from the alien Monsters. 



Downloading Project QT Mod Apk

  • Very firstly you have to uninstall the original version of project QT from your device, in order to gaining access to the Mod APK version. 
  • Then you can go to any third party website for downloading the Mod APK version. 
  • Don’t forget to turn on the unknown sources option which allows the permission for installing third party apps you have to just enable that option. 
  • Then go back to the downloading folder and click on the project QT Mod apk file to start the installation. 
  • After the downloading process has completed you can run the game and have a very much pleasureful interesting journey with it. 

Multiple Game Play

project QT  is an action online adventure game which you can enjoy playing with friends too. You can freely adventure and make friends with many other players around the entire globe. The game has a lot of events weekly the event and constantly taking transfer so, you can play all day without getting bored. 


project QT  is one of the best anime graphic games. The characters in the battle time are designed with Chibi style they look cute and elegant. Only at the time of Battle the character are displayed by chibi graphics but usually the characters are depicted by the skilled drawing of the Mangaka.

Mod Apk Features 

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited coins
  • Auto win
  • Infinite Arena 
  • No need for rooting


Anyone who is passionate about gaming and and especially with action, puzzles and adventure addictive games. Then he or she will be amazed at all the amazing highlights in the game offered. The graphics of the gameplay has been beautifully crafted and all the characters looks very energetic and playful. 

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