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Private Eyes Season 4: Release Date, Story, Cast

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Private eyes a Canadian comedy-drama television series based on the novel of the same name created by Tim Kimbly and Shelly Eriksen, where two protagonists (Angie and shade) are private investigators with different backgrounds with their own dark secrets team up together to solve crimes around Toronto city. While most crime drama series having slow screenplay, the main characters of this series fill all the slow-moving parts with their humor which gives the audience a complete package of entertainment throughout the show.

This series not only deals with crimes but also portrays the characters discovering more about themselves as the show proceeds. The first season of Private Eyes was first premiered in 2016 and after successful completion of three seasons, the fourth season was released by the end of 2020 at the rate of one episode per week thus final episode of this season was released on the 4th February 2021.


Previously on Private Eyes

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For the past 3 seasons, the show has been circling around the development of the friendship between Shade and Angie and the way they deal with their families and dark pasts. Angie manages to defeat her all-time nemesis as well in season 3. Also in season 3, we have also introduced to season regular Tex, who is framed for a crime.


The main character Shade is played by Jason Priestley

The character of Angie is also played by star actress Cindy Sampson, who was known for her performance in supernaturals

Apart from the two main characters, recurring cast members and guest stars drive the story forward.

  • Jason Priestley as Matt Shade
  • Cindy Sampson as Angie Everett
  • Barry Flatman as Matt’s father Don Shade
  • Jordyn Negri as Matt’s visually impaired daughter Juliet “Jules” Shade
  • Samantha Wan as Zoe Chow
  • Ennis Esmer as Detective Kurtis Mazhari
  • Clé Bennett as Detective Derek Nolan
  • Mark Ghanimé as Angie’s ex-fiance Dr. Ken Graham
  • Nicole de Boer as Matt’s ex-wife Becca Dorasay
  • Bree Williamson as Crown prosecutor Melanie Parker

Apart from this cast, as the show advances, the adventure continues, and there come new cast members in each episode of the series.

Season 4 plot:

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As the season goes on the chemistry developed between the two main characters this season begins with some big news from the past which leads them to help their friend to prove his innocence. Later on, the plot intensifies as Angie gets kidnapped. Later as their names reach great heights as they work for some big names around the city. They handle various cases and investigate the paranoid claims of a wealthy patriarch and there is versatility in this season especially which attracts the viewer’s lot. Apart from this, the personal and professional life of the characters is also focused on. The way the season ends when Angie gets shot during a confrontation with the killer increases the curiosity for the next season.


It is not a normal thing to see a comedy series getting a good rating from critics especially from the famous IMDb but this series has got a rating of 7.7 which proves it to be a blockbuster show. People won’t always prefer a crime drama series with humor content. Private Eye is a stunning combination of crime-solving drama and playful banter along with the undeniable chemistry between two strong lead characters.

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