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Pokemon Go Like Games – Top 5 Similar Games Like Pokemon [Updated]

If you like playing Pokemon Go than you might not mind trying out the games that can be the best substitute for Pokemon Go. Here are top 5 similar games like pokemon

Pokemon Go Like Games

Pokemon Go is an exciting game and it becomes even more interesting to many because of its unique concept of gameplay. The amount of users Pokemon Go have is huge.

Well many Pokemon Go users might have many reasons to look for an alternate option. So, this article is an approach to provide you the best alternatives for Pokemon GO.

Pokemon Go Like Games – Top 5 Similar Games Like Pokemon [Updated]

This article is not to provide you with maximum number of Pokemon GO alternatives. However, the purpose of this article being created is to give you  best possible Pokemon Go like games.

1. The walking dead: our World

the walking dead

This game qualifies to be the excellent substitute because lots of its in game features have some sort of resemblance of the Pokemon Go.

As like in Pokemon Go, it uses the player’s GPS location, where they release new challenges that can be found in your town or area. This game completely can be considered as a substitute for Pokemon Go.

2. Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic world alive

Jurassic World Alive is extremely addictive game. It has lot in common with Pokemon Go. Its is also one of the most loved games of many.

Its concept is very similar to Pokemon Go. Just Like in Pokemon Go, here the players capture dinosaurs in their neighborhood and bring changes in their DNA to spawn hybrid dinosaurs.

3. Dragon Quest Walk

YouTube video

Dragon quest walk being one of the top most favorite game by many adventurous game lovers. It has some sort of relevance with Pokemon GO.

The mechanics of this game is letting you indulge into different quests and combat different magical creatures, just like Pokemon GO.

4. The Witcher: Monster Slayer

the witcher game

This game is considered to be the most attractive game among may gamers. The app has a gameplay that is very similar to Pokemon GO.

It has units marked in different location. Using these units you can do necessary things  that are most important just like Pokemon Go.


It is always good to look for the alternatives, if you feel bored doing work and playing the same thing over and over again. Therefore this article is provided to highlight some of the best Pokemon GO like games.

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