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PICASSO APP – Download Latest LIVE Streaming App

by Rashmi

The Picasso app is a brand-new app that allows users to stream movies, web series, and cricket, especially the World Cup and IPL. This is the most recent Android version, and it is completely functional. Everyone’s dream is to watch movies and web series.

Everyone enjoys watching this type of content, but we all know that web series and movies are not free, and that you must purchase subscriptions from various brands. This is where the Picasso app comes in. Since it does not necessarily require the buying of a premium membership. This app will not allow users to create a profile. 


The Picasso app allows you to watch movies, television shows, and hundreds of live television channels. It is among the most recent update software products, with hundreds of nationally and internationally channels. As a consequence, it offers a vast parcel for adventure fans.

It can be a beneficial travel companion, particularly when planning to visit remote regions. You could not only watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies, but also live sports events such as the IPL, football, and many others. It will be almost free and totally ensure security to use. You could see the overview, explanation, score, worldview, and everything about a movie as well as the series before you watch it, so don’t waste too much time looking at what’s wrong. 



● Watch Movies – You can watch any particular movie in this, including Hollywood and Bollywood, such as on the Kooku app. Every day, Picasso adds new movies to his collection. Every newly released movie will be available here, and you can watch it online or download it to your device to watch it offline. 

● Web Series – Hundreds of apps, such as Watch Any Show, Sun NXt, and others, offer free movie viewing experiences. However, very few, if any, apps offer a free web series viewing experience. As a result, Picasso App wins the game and beats out all of its competitors. 

● No Registrations – Most people do not want to waste time registering and logging in. As a result, the Picasso App will not waste your time. It allows you to view all of the content without having to register or subscribe. Simply follow the link and enjoy the entertainment. 

● Subtitles – You can now watch movies in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Even though this app has subtitles, you can watch films in any language you choose. As a result, Picasso has simply broken down the language barrier for everyone. 

● Video Quality – You can now customize the picture quality to your preference. It is good enough to play almost any video content. HD, Full HD, 2k, 4k, Ultra HD, and other resolutions are available. As an outcome, you can personalize the picture quality to your connection speeds and type.



Click Here to download


Well this feature ensures that its subscribers are always secured. If the Play Store does not provide this software, you can always install it from this webpage. Before you successfully complete the idea, follow the instructions below to download this software on Android devices. 

● In Settings, go to “Unknown Sources.” Then after, go to Security and turn on the feature for Security. 

● Go to your Android phone’s download manager and select Picasso. It’s now your turn to access it. 

● On the mobile screen, there are two choices. There are two ways to install an operating system on an Android device, and both require you to boot it quickly. 

● On your mobile screen, a popup with options will appear. It takes a while for it to appear. 

● When all of the downloads and installations are finished, simply select “Open” to view the screen on your mobile device.


Picasso App is one of the most popular apps, and it’s becoming more popular by the day due to the high quality of the app and the content it offers. I hope you found this article useful.

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