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Octosniff Free – Download+Review+Setup V3.0 PS/XBOX IP Sniffer

If you are a console gamer and play on Playstation or XBOX. Then “Octosniff free” is the best tool for you to sniff the IP addresses of players playing with you on your console (PS and XBOX).


This is simply a network research tool.

The tool allows you to sniff the information of other people/players you are playing with.

Octosniff actually sniffs the packages and decrypts the usernames in them. Which usually no tool does.

Editor’s Choice:

Octosniff Highlights:

  1. No Jailbreak or mods required.
  2. Built-in ARP spoofing.
  3. Logs Exporting feature enabled.
  4. VPN Optimised.
  5. GEO IP enabled.
  6. Works on Playstation and XBOX.
  7. Detailed information can be enumerated.
  8. Easy and simple Setup.

Download Octosniff Free:

Download Octosniff For Free

Password: cshawk

BUY OCTOSNIFF – Ultimate PS/XBOX IP Sniffer:

It costs just $20 to buy the normal tool for your console gaming. You can even go to the ultimate version. Going ultimate would cost around $30. If you want to buy it. You can buy if from the button below.


How to Setup Octosniff? Tutorial:

YouTube video


In this article, we’ve explained to you about the Octosniff ultimate toolkit to sniff all your other player IP playing with you. You are now aware of everything regarding this tool.

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Enz - 7:12 pm

Your assistance is apreciated

Captain Narwha1 - 12:46 am

Hello! So i’m having trouble doing this. Whenever I extract it and enter the password, and then I open the folder, there is no EXE file or any button for me to open the program, can you help me?

The Suyash - 12:10 pm

I think your system considers the file as malware. Thus, it blocks it automatically. You can whitelist the item then you will be able to use it.


the video doesnt work

The Suyash - 1:20 pm

Please search for other videos on youtube brother.

fsdfdsf - 1:54 am

im having same prpblem

Landyn Vickers - 8:35 am

I am trying to open it but i see no exe or application file to open it

The Suyash - 12:17 pm

Your PC is blocking the exe file. Whitelist it and you will be able to view it.

Carter - 10:28 am

there is a password but i dont see one stated what would it be?

The Suyash - 11:13 pm

password is written brother please check.

kack - 12:59 am

what is login and password once your on octosniff?


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