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Northern Rescue Season 2 – Plot, Cast, and Release date

Northern Rescue Season 2

Northern Rescue is a Canadian emotional family drama and television series, it is one of the productions of Don Carmody Television (DCTV). The series streamed on Netflix and in Canada by CBC Television. The first season was premiered on 1st March 2019. The series is a product of Mark Bacci, David Cormican and Dwayne Hill and produced the first season with 10 episodes in total. The opening theme of Northern Rescue is titled ‘Family’ by Mother Mother. The series is a straightforward and inoffensive drama that is from a typical family point of view. 


The family in this series faces many adventures and the series focused on the lamentation and the struggle of losing a mother. The main character Billy Baldwin along with his three children decides to leave the town and live with his sister-in-law and lead an urban life.

The is a satisfying relatable story comprising of 10 episodes. The emotional moments play a vital role in the portrayal of the characters facing the battle with grief. The tone and expression induce the feeling of the person struggling with the loss of their mother. Death is the symbol used throughout the series which affects John and his Kids life.


Season 1 had many revelations and was a troublesome life for John’s family. So, the second season will continue from where the first season stopped and may reveal some extra shocking and horrifying adventures that may lead to many twists and turns in their life.

The plot of season two will not have anything new, but the fans may get an answer to their questions like what may be the troubles the family will face? How will they overcome those? Will the other characters proceed with their investigation or will they manage to solve it? So many questions are expected to be shown in the second season. After the release of the first season, the series had a huge fanbase among the audience hence the release of season two will definitely be a blockbuster.


The casts are yet to finalize and maybe after the official announcement of season two of Northern Rescue, the characters and casts will be revealed. However, the main characters are expected to remain the same as the previous season revolved around them. The casts are as follows

  • William Baldwin as John West
  • Kathleen Robertson as Charlie Andres
  • Amalia Williamson as Maddie West
  • Spenser Macpherson as Scout West
  • Taylor Thorne as Taylor West
  • Michelle Nolden as Sarah West
  • Evan Marsh as Henry
  • Michael Xavier as Paul Simmons
  • Eliana Jones as Gwen
  • Sebastien Roberts as Alex Tunner
  • Christian Martyn as Jason Juris
  • Nicola Correia-Damude as Laura Aguilar
  • Birva Pandya as Raji
  • Andre Dae Kim as Tevorkani
  • Kaniehtiio Horn as Sylvie
  • Jill Frappier as Agatha
  • Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll as Alan


The series has not got a green light for season two from Netflix or the network web. The release of season two is bleak because there are no claims or any official information even about the renewal. Fans are expecting it to be in 2021 but it is not sure.

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