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Lynx Apk – Download Latest Apk

Lynx apk in an ancient Greek word which means secret keeper and this particular application guards your secret media as a secret keeper.

It is designed especially to protect your mobile privacy enabling you to hide your private videos and photos, it is a free security app.

Lynx Apk

It is kind of a special protection application providing you to guard your phone from prying eyes. Here you can save your private photos and videos and can have access to them anytime using the Lynx application. You can access the hidden media by providing the pin code that you have set up earlier.

The media which has been transferred to the Lynx app  will be permanently hidden from the gallery and your android system. It also provides you with the feature of fingerprint scanner by which you can easily access the application. All selected photos will be directly uploaded on your cloud space which provides you with free storage upto 5GB.


Installation of Lynx Apk

  1. In order to download the apk version of Lynx application make sure that you have uninstalled the original version from your device. 
  2. Go through the browser and search for the download link of the Lynx apk file. 
  3. Visit the security settings of your device and grant permission  for downloading files from unknown sources. 
  4. Go back to the installation link and push the download now button. 
  5. You will receive a notification when the apk file has been successfully downloaded. 
  6. Run the app and have a great journey ahead with Lynx app keeping in regard your safety concerns. 



Specification of Lynx Apk

  • It comes with a great camouflage mode so no one can ever know that you have installed an additional application for storing your private photos and videos. It seems to look like a’ calculator’ so it doesn’t catch the attention of anyone else. 
  • Provide you with the benefit of ‘break-in-alert ‘. If someone ever tries to get access to your Lynx content with the wrong password then the information of the intruder will be secretly taken and will be stored for you. 
  • Provides you with additional 5GB of free space for uploading your media into the cloud. 
  • If you ever want to share your album you can very easily generate an access code for the receiver of the shared album, and he or she can have access to your media via his or her own Lynx. 
  • It will not appear on your recently used app list so it will not catch anyone’s eye. 

Hiding Your private stuff 

Firstly you have to sign up and create an account with Lynx. 

You have to press the allow button for getting access to free 5gb cloud storage. 

Then you have to set up a pin which will be later used for getting access to your hidden media. 

You have to click on the create an album icon present at bottom right of the screen and have to select desired photos which you want to store privately. 

Once you are done with the selection of desired media press the import button and your saved media will be secured on the Lynx app. 

You can also add fingerprint lock on the application for getting quick access to your stored media. 

Wrapping up 

If you have private photos and videos on your device and don’t want to let others see them and keep it secure from someone else’s eyes then Lynx app is the one stop solution for you. You can hide your private photos and share them with your close friend whenever you want. Also it provides you with the additional benefit of 5GB free cloud space storage and can also help as a backup of your device media. 

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