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Kahoot Cheat – How to cheat on Kahoot? Full Tutorial!

Kahoot is a learning-based game paltform. It is one form of education but represented more interestingly. The features Kahoot offers really make it to stand out of many similar products.

kahoot cheat

Kahoot benefits many students, teacher’s and many other learners. It provides excitement and is seem more exciting to the user’s than the traditional method.

However, with increasing popularity the ways of cheating is also growing in kahoot.

How Do kahoot work?

Kahoot is mobile or a web application. It works on both Android an iOS. The work flow is really engaging and interactive. It is effective tool that can improve student learning.

Initially, teachers need to host a server on kahoot.com. Then, the teacher is given provision to set questions for their students.

Question can be set in a variety of ways depending on the teacher’s approach. After completing setting questions, teachers get a code.

The teacher’s shares the code with his students. After getting in the server, students get to see the question. Then the student respond choosing the most probable option.

kahoot cheat

Additionally, with answers, some other data like students response time are also recorded. All of this data with students recorded answer are submitted to the teacher.

Is it possible to cheat in Kahoot?

It is entirely possible to cheat in kahoot. However, It should be noted that cheating comes with certain risk. The user might have to face consequences while cheating in kahoot.

There is multiple number of ways to cheat in kahoot. Below, we have included as many possible kahoot hacks which might be helpful for you.

1. Kahootspam.com

 If you want to have bots spamming your answers. Kahootspam.com can be really valuable. You just have to enter the quiz and start spawning bots.

2. Kahoot-win.herokuapp.com

It is the website no matter, even if you are not leading. It will directly declare you as the winner after the game ends.

3. mem.rip/kahoot

This website offer a lot of ways of cheating in kahoot. It can spwan bots, declare you as the winner and help you in many ways.

 Using kahoot in google chrome comes with advantage. Chrome extensions such as kahoot Flooder, kahootsmash, etc. also help you in cheating kahook.

These extensions help you spawn as many bots as you want and can declare you as the winner, even if you were not leading.


Kahoot is really an effective tool for students and for many. It focuses on user’s engagement, at the same time delivering knowledge too.

However, It cannot be disregarded that using kahoot hacks need interaction with third party sites. This can be extremely harmful and risky.

Also, kahoot being a learning based educational game, it should never be a choice for its users to cheat in kahoot.

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