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JOJO Part 6 – Plot, Release Date, and Cast

jojo part 6

 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the most famous anime and manga series of Japanese that has been going on for a long time. The series has a separate huge fan base for its plot and genre. The series was first written and designed by Hirohito Araki and it was first serialized in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump magazine. As of December 2020, the series is collected in 129 volumes in Tankobon. The genre of the series is fantasy and supernatural and of course, the series has adventure as the main theme. The anime of the series consists of three parts namely

·      JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

·      Phantom Blood

·      JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

 The anime series was produced by the production of David. The series is best known for its unique representation of iconic art style and contemporary reference to the music and fashion of western culture. The series has sold about a hundred million copies hence this series is one of the best-selling anime. Viz Media licensed the JoJo anime series in North America. The sixth part of the JoJo series is said to be released in April 2021 titled Jolyne Cujoh: Stone Ocean that is expected to be produced by Golden Wind and Steel Ball Run.


jojo part 6 release date, cast, plotline

The anime series has been divided into four seasons as of 2019. Due to the series unexpected immense success, the show was given access to a new season and hence there are five seasons in total. What about the next season?

The fifth part of the series revealed Giovanna’s ambition to rise by herself within the mafia just by subverting another nemesis. So, the sixth part of the show is expected to focus on the main characters like Jolyne Cujo, Jotaro girl, and much more.

JoJo will give an amulet to his daughter to save herself from any disaster but as a twist, she gets into a series of troubles while unlocking the sandstone. Hearing the plot, the fans of this popular series are eagerly waiting to watch the show on the screen.


As you all know, an anime series will introduce only a few new characters in each part, and most probably the old characters will be seen more in number. So, the sixth part of the series will have the same old characters onboard and the introduction of any characters in an anime series will not take much time as it is done at the beginning itself.

Who are all the old characters? The protagonist is Ai Fairouz who is Jolyne Cujoh and the other characters and respective casts are as follows

  •  Daisuke Ono as Jotaro Kujo
  • § David Vincent as Narrator
  • § Fuminori Komatsu as Jean-pierre Polnareff
  • § Richard Epcar as Joseph Joestar
  • § Yuichi Nakamura as Bruna Bucciarati
  • § Yuki Ono as Josuke Higashikata
  • § Kyle Hebert as Noriaki Kakyoin
  • § Kenta Miyake as Muhammed Avdol
  • § Daiki Yamashita as Narancia Chirga
  • § Mick Lauer as Leone Abbacchio
  • § Kosuke Toriumi as Guido Mista
  • § Patrick Seitz as Dio
  • Wataru Takagi as Okuyasu Nijimura


                The show was given green light for renewing the next season yet till now there is no official announcement from the producers regarding the release of the next part in JoJo Bizarre Adventure. All we can do is just hope that we can watch the new season on screen by the mid of the year 2021. It is already Mid-2021!

Yeah, we overcame months, and still, we have to wait patiently for the official announcement. The previous parts or seasons are now streaming on Crunchyroll where you can also watch and control your enthusiasm.

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