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Is There A Working PS2 Emulator?


PS2 is a really good console to date. Still, if you have none. You can definitely think of using a PS2 Emulator for your pc. So,

Is There A Working PS2 Emulator?

You will be glad to know that there is a ps2 emulator that you can use in your Android phone to play PS2 console games for free.

To get complete information regarding the emulator and for the download link you can visit: PS2 Emulator Android

You can then download and use the PS2 Emulator on your android phone for free.

PS2 Emulator Android Features:

  • Supports 2X~5X PS2 Resolution (1080p HD)
  • Supports Widescreen Games (16:9)
  • Supports Gamepad – Similar to PPSSPP Emulator
  • Supports Skip BIOS boot game
  • Supports Multi-threading Acceleration – Exceed PPSSPP
  • Supports NEON Acceleration – Similar to PPSSPP
  • Supports Multi-format game ROM, Include: -.iso\bin\img\nrg
  • Future Support Cheat-Code
  • Future Support Frame-Skip
  • Future Support No-BIOS file startup game ROM – Similar to PPSSPP Emulator
  • Future Support 16:9 Mode
  • Future Support Mipmap
  • Future Support Gamepad Vibration – Exceed PPSSPP Emulator
  • Future Support Import\Export MemoryCard file (Compatible Pcxs2 )
  • Future Support Acceleration of MEPG2, ARM-v8, Vulkan API
  • Future support 95% of PS2 games are perfectly compatible

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