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 Instagram Video Downloader Apk – Download Latest APK

by Rashmi

If you want to save videos from Instagram so you can look at them anytime, even when you don’t have access to the Internet. Instagram Video Downloader is terrific software for doing so with just one tap. Here, you will learn more about INSTAGRAM VIDEO DOWNLOADER APK.

What is Instagram Video Apk?

Instagram (previously Facebook) allows users to create and post photographs, narratives, and movies with the people they care about. Interact with contacts, post your experiences, and check conversations going on in the world. Browse our network, where you’ll be real and talk about everything from everyday happenings to life’s great moments.

Insta Video Downloader Apk
Insta Video Download Apk

INSTA Reels is a new way of creating and watching short videos that are both engaging and entertaining. In Explore, you’ll find a designated place where you can view, like, remark on, and share Clips videos.

You may download videos and photographs directly from Instagram to your device (iPhone, Android smartphone, Computer, or Mac) for free through Instagram Video Downloader.

Copy the Link of the Instagram photo or video (Image) and paste it into the upper enter text box.

Uses of Instagram Apk:

  1. Post any pictures or clips you want to retain on your account page (even on Facebook). You can modify them with effects and innovative tools and integrate various clips into a single video.
  2. Add additional photographs to your article (as many as you wish!). 
  3. Apply message and graphics skills to put them into reality. They disintegrate within 24 hours, and it is no longer accessible on your homepage or in your stream.
  4. Instagram Direct allows users to send deleting texts and emails, and articles from their profile to groups and contacts.
  5. In the toolbar of your feed, you can first see news and streaming videos to people you know.

Key Features of Instagram Video Apk:

  • Instagram allows you to edit photographs with free, custom-designed filters.
  • Control luminance, brightness, intensity, lighting effects, accents, and framing with ten sophisticated office apps.
  • Identify people to obey based on their preferred profiles and images.
  • Post videos and images directly on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many other social media sites.
  • Keep up with App users worldwide by communicating with them and liking their activities.
  • Directly transfer personal photograph chats to colleagues.

List of top 3 Instagram Video Downloader Apk

  1. Instore

Instore is one of the best Instagram video downloaders that allows you to save videos, posts, status, and more from Insta.  It claims that you may use this app with Mac OS, Windows Pc, or any other common OS and that you can subscribe to your favorite Instagram profiles. The app can download any content from one’s profile instantly.

  • Rating– 4.3/5
  • Downloads– 50M+
  • Supports– Android 5.0+
  • Latest Version– 1.0.9.
Instore Instagram Video Downloader Apk
  1. Snap Downloader:        

Snap Downloader is at the best of the list for a reason: they offer everything you need when it comes to downloading videos from Instagram properly. They assist you in effectively downloading videos, and you can do so in a private manner so that the content’s owner is unaware. Whatever the case may be, these tools are fantastic at guiding you through Instagram in a non-obtrusive manner.

  • Rating4/5
  • Downloads50K+
  • SupportsAndroid 5.0+
  • Latest Version1.3.0.
  1. Instant Story & Video Download

Instant Story & Video Download is a fantastic Instagram downloader, and one of the finest things about them is that they can also assist you on YouTube. If you’re downloading clips and pics from Instagram, you’ll almost certainly like to get the multi-media from YouTube. When it comes to their Android app, it is free to download and use.

  • Rating 4.6/5
  • Downloads 10M+
  • SupportsAndroid 5.0+
  • Latest Version1.16.1.
Instant Story & Video Download
Instant Story & Video Download


So there you have it – our picks for the top Instagram video downloader apps available right now on the internet and in the Apple and Google app stores.

As you can see, there are many types of apps that can assist you – both those with a lot of hits and those without any special interface. In any case, they’re all of the high quality, work on a variety of platforms, including Android and Apple, and the bulk of them are free to utilize it at your ease. If you’re looking for high-quality videos to share and repost on your Instagram feed, look no further than the above list, as we promise that these are among the best options available for Instagram video downloaders one can get.


  1. Which application is best for saving Instagram videos?

Instore, Snap downloader and Insta Story and Video Download are some of the best apps for saving Instagram Videos.

  1. What exactly is InstaSave?

For Android users, InstaSave is a fantastic app. Click the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner of the picture you want to save while browsing Instagram. Then, click Copy Share URL from the accompanying menu and access InstaSave. After that, the clip will appear in your feed.

  1. Is Insta Video Downloader safe software?

The application is safe and can be used on several devices, regardless of manufacturer or system software.

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