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HushSms Apk – Free Download Latest Android App

Hushsms apk is a messaging app specially designed for phone carriers. It let you send short SMS and used to carry out penetration tests to search for weakness in software.



  • PING
  • Ordinary SMS ranging up to 160 characters
  • MMS notifications carrying 30 characters (doesn’t work in Iphones)
  • WAP Push SI indicates the service status of up to 40 characters.
  • WAP Push SL indicates service load which may extend up to 40 characters.
  • It may not work without the Xposed Framework.
  • Some companies don’t allow these kinds of messages to send.

One important thing to remember is that the installation process of the app through the app file requires the activation of ‘unknown sources’. You can activate this with settings>appications.

It is used to disable their FRP (factory reset protection) by multiple Samsung smartphone users. FRP is present on almost all android 5.0 and newer devices and associates them to move into an email address. 

But it works well on smartphones with Android 6 or 7.

How Hushsms apk works? 


The main principle of working is that it bypasses the Google account verification lock on different android devices. It sends a message to the device you want to locate.

Once the holder’s phone receives messages, it gets discarded immediately such that no traces if left behind.

The operator sends a message to your phone informing that message is delivered.

It proves that work is complete successfully and also gives an idea if the owner’s phone is on or not.

Don’t worry about the legality issues as it doesn’t hack anything and is legal.

Download Hushsms Apk For Android:

Just press on the button below. And your downloading will start automatically.


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Messages that Hushsms apk supports

  • Normal SMS: This apk supports all kinds of standard messages but the maximum limit is 160 characters.
  • Flash SMS: A flash SMS having a max limit of 160 characters just pops up on the notification bar. It can be read but neither saved nor forwarded.
  • MMS: the service provider creates it automatically, not the user. When any kind of MMS is sent, the receiver gets a notification that an MMS is received.
  • Silent SMS: when this type of SMS is sent, the receiver doesn’t get any notification. This is used to know the information records of the sender.
  • WAP PUSH SI: Push service indication is sent to the customers of a company to give them information about credit cards, offers, etc.
  • WAP PUSH SL: These kinds of push SMS are sent from providers to customers for better user interaction. The limit ranged up to 140 characters.

Features of HUSHSMS APK

  • This app is designed to unlock Android smartphones’ FRP. It works best with all new and old versions of Samsung devices with ease.
  • User-friendly interface that makes it simple and smart to use.
  • The best part is, it is free of charge and doesn’t demand a single penny from installation to use.
  • It is compressed in size so it doesn’t harm the storage of your phone.
  • HUSHSMS APK is completely safe to use as it doesn’t share your data.

You can access the app and use it irrespective of your region. It is globally available.

Please share your opinion with us. We are excited to get your feedback. Please reach us if you face any issues while using this app.

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