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Granny Chapter Two MOD APK – Download Horror Game

Granny Chapter Two MOD APK

Are u afraid of ghosts, ghost pictures, movies, or darkness, then guys the thing is this game is not for you? This game is published by DVloper. The version of this game is 1.1.9 and the size is 88 Mb. It is suitable for Android 4.1 and now the main feature of this Granny: Chapter Two MOD APK is the God Mode. In Google Play, there are about hundred and millions of downloads. This game can make the player to be startled and creates intensive tension while playing the game with fear. The gameplay and the graphics are well improvised in this version of the game.

In this version, a new character is added to the game. The old one is the cold and frightening grandma and now the new character is her friend the grandpa. There will be a mysterious house and the player will found himself in the house while waking up. The player couldn’t able to know the reason for the sudden mysterious house and the player will realize that two demons are trying to hunt them. There will be a limit of 5 days to get escaped from the mysterious house.

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The grandma will be full of her ears listening to even the small sounds in that house and so if the player makes the slightest sound then they will be destroyed by the grandma. The grandpa’s hearing capacity is not really good but he is full of strength and also best at speed. When the grandma finds the player, they’ve to get hidden in the closet or under the bed and after searching for a while grandma will leave the place. The player needs keys, passwords, hammers, and other things to escape from the mysterious house. The radio can be turned on to distract the grandma and grandma while they searching for the player. There will be more interesting puzzles available to solve and this is more fun.

On the screen of the player’s device, a virtual joystick will be available on the left side. Using this, the player can control the movement of the characters, touching option and the view angle can be changed by rotating. On the upper left part of the screen, the humanoid icon is available which is used to control the posture of the character like standing, sitting, lying, and wandering.


Features of Granny: Chapter Two MOD APK:

The scary visual of the game is a pixel game level and the old wooden house in the dense forest and the silence in the house will make the noise of the footsteps to be louder. Screams, visual effects of grandpa & grandma, and some music from old horror movies are cool. In the God Mode, Grandma and Grandpa will not attack the player. If the user has a high-quality mobile phone and a headset, then the game will be the most scarier one to be played. It’s also free of price and Unlimited coins are available.

Download Granny Chapter Two MOD APK:

The below link will be useful in downloading the Granny: Chapter Two MOD APK and the installation process is simple.  You’ve to just click the download link and make sure that in your device settings, allow for unknown sources is on mode.


Once you click the download link, you can download the game. Then you can install it on your device and enjoy your fear play!!

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