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File Linked – Download Latest Application [2023]

Filelinked application has a store which stores bulk of applications from various developers using different codes. It is basically a file sharing app. This particular application is available for both Android operating system and Amazon fire stick. 

File Linked apk

With the help of filelinked you can download the apps and can move it to your Amazon fire stick and Android TV with the help of USB stick. File linked turn download link into numeric codes making the downloads easier for the users. 

Installing File Linked application on your Device 

  1. Go to the main menu of your fire stick and fire TV. 
  2. You have to choose my fire TV  and then have to choose developer options. 
  3. You have to allow applications from unknown sources. 
  4. Then you have to visit your home screen and from the search icon you have to look for the downloader option and have to select the desired downloader app. 
  5. Afterwards download the application successfully and then allow the app to run. 
  6. You can search for the link of the file linked from any third party website and then can install it to your device. 
  7. Revisit your fire TV home screen and under the apps and games I can you will find options for file linked application and you have to click on move to the front button and your installation will be successfully completed. 
  8. Now you can easily have access to files linked on the home screen of your device. 



Compatible devices for installing file linked app

  1. Amazon fire TV
  2. Fire stick
  3. Nvidia shield
  4. Android TV boxes
  5. Kindle Fire tablet

Getting an ad free menu

Go to the home screen of File linked and go to the settings gear icon. 

Turn off Hints and useful information and then apply it successfully. Now you can see your main menu without any interruption of popup notification or advertisements. This will make your streaming experience much easier and better than before. 

You can have your own collection of wallpapers, games and various applications. 

Usage Guide of File Linked App on your Fire stick 

-By using the file linked app download your fire stick. 

– Afterwards you have to sign up for creating a file link account. This step is generally for the file uploaders. 

– you can upload files and can also make you accessible by creating codes and sharing them privately. 

– Creating codes is absolutely free of cost so you can create any code to download desired applications. 

– you just have to get a code from the internet and paste that particular code on the homepage of the file linked app. 

Safety concerns 

File link is absolutely safe and Secure to use it provides you with the virus free platform preventing you from the exploits by various hackers. Just make sure that codes you are using for downloads are genuine so that it could not copy the IP address of your device. 

It is one of the most trusted sources for downloading multiple files on your Android devices. Provides you with the feature og downloading multiple files at one time. 

Final Thoughts 

With the help of File linked app you can be the uploader, user or both of a particular file. You can share all kinds of files including photos, music videos and many more. It provides you with the feature of private sharing so by just creating a code you can share your private photos and files to the desired person particularly. It is one of the greatest ways to share your files and for side load apps on your fire stick. It is really a great tool for Android TV devices and mobile users for downloading multiple files.

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