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9 Best eBook Torrents | E-Book Torrenting Sites [Links Included] [Nov-2023]

Today, people love to read online books called eBooks instead of old paperback books. This not only saves paper but also saves the money that you spend on paperbacks. You can download free online books using some amazing ebook Torrents.

eBook torrent
E-Book Torrenting Sites [2023]

If you are the one who loves to read new books. Good News! You can now carry a lot of eBooks on your smartphone anywhere you go. Furthermore, if you are the one who can’t afford to pay a lot of money on ebooks.

You can get them for free using ebook Torrents. Still, we don’t suggest you download paid books for free as we do not promote piracy of copyrighted products.

NOTE: We at cshawk [cyberspacehawk.com] do not intend to promote any sort of piracy of any copyrighted material. Information provided is only for educational purposes. You are responsible for your own actions. 

9 Best Ebook Torrents | E-Book Torrenting Sites [2023]:

Here is the list of the best 9 ebook torrents that you can prefer to download any online ebook for free.
You can actually choose any one of the below. Most are working. But make sure to find yourself the best site.

1. Extra Torrent:


Extratorrent is one of the most popular ebook torrent sites is live on the web. This torrent can be accessed from many countries.
You can download any type of ebook using this torrent website. Apart from ebooks, you can also download games, movies, etc. from this torrent. Once you visit the homepage, you then need to go to the ebook section. You can then select any of the preferred ebooks from there.

2. WikiBooks


This website has a lot of ebooks. Moreover, they are available in different languages such as English, Hindi, French, etc.
The user interface is clear and clean which makes it easier to search for your ebook.

3. The Pirate Bay

the pirate bay

This is one of the best ebook torrent websites you can use. Pirate Bay was launched in 2003-present. It is still working fine. You can download not only ebooks but also every kind of online software, movies, games, etc. using this torrent. There are a lot of proxies of pirate bay available when original website is not working.

4. Torrentz2


This textbook torrent site is also an online database for movies and anime torrents. Torrentz2 is based in Finland. It is one of the most visited torrent websites out there.

There are no ads to slow down your speed. It offers you an easy and secure digital environment with an extensive database of eBook torrents for users to pick from.

5. 1337x


This is yet another remarkable torrent textbooks site for all comers. 1337x provides you with amazing varieties of torrents such as music, movies, software, etc. for free.

It is way too amazing than you think. Even you can too upload ebooks on this.

Downloading torrents via this web portal is simple; however, if this torrent website is unavailable, there are 1337x proxy sites you can use. 1337x has an advanced user interface that eases the process of finding and download any ebook.

You can prefer this site to download your ebook torrent.

6. KickAss Torrents


You get a lot of torrents to download from kickass torrents. It is one of the best ebook torrents you can probably use. Kickass features a lot of movies, software, games, etc. which you can download.

7. Free-ebooks.net


Free-ebooks.net is one of the most reliable sources to download ebook torrents. You can download various kinds of ebooks using this website. There are a lot of categories in which you can select your favorite one. Moreover, every ebook is also available in PDF documents for convenience.

You will be asked to create an account before you can download free eBooks from this site.



RARBG is one of the best alternatives out there to download your favorite ebook torrent for free. The website acts as a BitTorrent Tracker. This website is still very famous among all as it has an amazing library of movies and the library is updated on a very regular basis.

Some reports even claim that the website is very successful that it has almost 1 Billion users every month. Don’t judge it on the basis of its old appearance it is very good.

9. Lime Torrents

lime torrents

Ideal for downloading eBook torrents, this website has several categories in TV Shows, Movies, Books, Games, and more. On visiting its web portal you will discover a lot of magnets links to download your ebooks. You can either select ebook from the homepage or search for it.

10. Libgen:


Libgen is one of the preferred torrent website by us. The UI [User Interface] of this website does not look pretty good. But it has all the books in it which you can read for free. If you a little geek type person. You can surely give it a try!

You can visit this website using the permalink by clicking its heading.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Ebook Torrent?

Torrents are a method of distributing files over the internet. Ebook torrent is a way to distribute ebooks over the internet.

Where to download eBook torrents?

We have mentioned all the best ebook torrents in this article. You can check it out and get clarity on what you need to use!

How to Torrent Ebooks?

You can use the websites mentioned above to do it.


Download ebook torrents are not good for sure as it promotes piracy. Here, we have mentioned the best ebooks torrent sites which easily allows you to download any ebook in the world on clicks.

The best part is you do not have to pay to read books and also no need to search on multiple sites. Choose one of these eBook torrent sites and start torrenting now.

NOTE: We at cshawk [cyberspacehawk.com] do not intend to promote any sort of piracy of any copyrighted material. Information provided is only for educational purposes. You are responsible for your own actions.

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