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Dragon City Mod APK – Download Latest APP

Dragon City Mod APK  is a simulation game where you have to deal with cartoon dragons. It is available for both single player as well as multiplayer. The game is absolutely free to play for children about the age of 12. This game is definitely and entertaining games which is worth playing.

There are over thousands of dragons available for you to explore and collect. 

Dragon City Mod APK

Very firstly, in the beginning you have to pick up particular habitat and then have to feed and raise the dragon until it becomes adult. Once your dragon reached to adult it is ready for fight and breed with other adults to create new baby dragon for your city. The game is absolutely free to download and free to play as well. 

Installing Dragon City Mod 

If you are a first time Apk file user your device ask you for several permission. Allowing installation process you have to open device settings and switch on “Allow from this source” tab. 

One should must keep in mind that you have to delete the original version of Dragon city before installing the apk version in order to preventing from errors during installation process. 




If you want to be a dragon master it is your job to collect as many dragon as you can and get them added in your collection with time to time. The more number of dragons you have the more stronger your team is and the more number of greater battles you can win. 

This game provides you with incharge ship of a dragon farm, where you can collect dragon eggs and harvest them  and once the egg hatches and dragon comes out its your duty to take proper care until it attains adulthood and can then put the dragon in your dragon city. 

Firstly you have to build a farm for doing continuous production of food for feeding the dragons. 

Dragon City Mod APK download

Specialized Features

  • Can have access to mixing all elements and creating newly designed dragon on your own.
  • You can unlock new play features like the ancient world and the guardian dragons. 
  • The game provides you with lots of interesting challenges which are varine from each other to a larger extent. 
  • In the mod version we get unlimited money in just one click and can buy food for feeding our monsters which really helps the player in achieving game targets. 

Why Dragon City Mod APK?

Buy choosing for mod apk game play in dragon city it will provide you with much better opportunities in the gameplay than those provided in original version. Also you will be having asset by getting unlimited gems and gold by which you can able to enjoy gaming features and playing to your full potential. One need not to be worry about the game for getting banned as the MOD  is not detectable by the game server just use for a limited period of time in a systematic manner. 


The provided article is entirely based upon complete information regarding the mod version of  dragon city. You will get to the same interface of official dragon city game in dragon city mod apk version. Also the player does not have to get worry about the food and gold at it provides with unlimited food and gold by which you can play more conveniently. 

The game doesn’t require any root access so you can play this game much more conveniently weather is your device is rooted on not. Download the game right now and take the first step towards the pro game played with the complete support of unlimited resources and enjoy your very unique but pleasureful journey. And if you are an animal game lover you will surely get obsessed with this game by playing Dragon city mod apk version. 

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