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Download Wistia Video in 3 Minutes [No Tools]

Download Wistia Video

Wistia being a leading video platform. Wistia makes it easy for businesses to create, manage, share, host and measure videos. Huge number free addons rather tools are available out there which can help you to download Wistia videos which are embedded but with the risk of third- party tools. Only trusted tools or websites should be used for downloading videos from Wistia. A third- party tool is a tool that made by some other company rather than the manufacturer.

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Besides this, there are a lot a greater number of browser extensions which also claim that Wistia videos can be downloaded but will be accompanied with many unwanted and bad stuffs like malware or virus which might sound appealing to people but these unwanted and bad stuffs might put your privacy at risk of being getting carried away to someone else’s system.

So, to minimize the risk of privacy and those malware and virus getting into your system is to avoid those third- party addons. It is possible to download videos other than this method too. Some of the steps are given below which you might follow to download videos from Wistia without any problem.


Download Wistia Video in 3 Minutes:

YouTube video

Step 1 The first step asks you to go to any Wistia embedded video and them right click on the particular video where you will further have to click on the last option which reads ‘’copy link and thumbnail’’.

Step 2 Now you will have to open any editor for text (for example, notepad)and thenpaste the code you copied above into it where you will find the video Id code which will come just after you do this process.

Step 3 Now all you have to do is to open the link http://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/a0c8su4ksq?videoFoam=true and then replace the asterisk with the video ID code you have copied last.

Step 4 After doing all these steps all you have to do is to lookout for the source code of the link being generated earlier and then search for the link/URL which is found ending with .bin extension.

Step 5 Now all you have to do is to copy and paste the link in a new tab and then it will start playing the video and you can now easily save the video as mp4 extension. The other way round for doing the same thing is that you can directly save the .bin file and after you have downloaded the video replace the .bin extension with .mp4.

Alternate option to this is that you can also do screen recording of the video.

So, now you got the answer to the question as how to download Wistia videos. So, get started and enjoy your favourite videos whenever and wherever you like.

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