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Clash of Clans Hack APK – Download Latest GAME

Clash of the clan was developed and published by Super cell on IOS and Android platforms. A mobile strategy video game that was set in the fantasy-themed world. The player is required to build its clan from the very bottom by mining the essentials and also by attacking different clans.

The main resources in the game include elixir, gold and dark elixir. This is a multiplayer game where players can join together and compete in clan wars with other players. This enables them to donate or receive troops and can interact with their fellow members.

The resources like gold and elixir are used to upgrade and create more defensive traps and troops from the other players. This requires a precise skill of understanding your surroundings and managing according to that.

This game received massive applause from critics and is famous among mobile games. Players of their region compete with each other to get the best rank or place they can ever be. The village level is determined by the level of the main hall called Townhall.


Gameplay and Strategies:

To earn gold and elixirs the players were required to build the storage and as their town hall level increases, they have to upgrade the level of these storage units too. While the gems in the game are considered as the currency that you have to earn or you can purchase it too.

The builders in the game are the ones who will upgrade or build things like army camps, upgrade miners, town hall etc. The builders are supposed to be free to get assigned any task and to speed up their work, the players can make use of gems to instantly make the required upgrade done.

The troops in the game consist of various characters of different abilities, these troops are used when you are attacking the other player’s village and get points. Now, for the attack, you provided only 3 minutes to apply your strategy and destroy the enemy’s village. Your performance is measured out of the 3 stars. If you are perfect in the battle then you get 2 stars and other than that 2 and 1 as per your performances.

Similarly for defence, you are required to install defensive weapons, buildings like Tesla tower, Mortar etc. to protect your village from other players. The walls you are using should also be upgraded to protect from certain attacks and spells and the defence should be upgraded as per your town hall to protect your resources. Traps are also installed which are hideous and activate when the attack is done on your base. 



Clash of Clans Hacks and Glitches:

In-game you are required to build the village by managing resources, collecting the gold and elixirs through battle and using them to build your defences and upgrade your troops, but these all took time. 

The builders do their work and take time to complete things and to finish things fast, you are required to use gems which are the premium currency that is to be brought. Many players across the world use mods to get the unlimited or maximum amount of gems.

It not only increases their speed of upgrading things but also makes it easy for the clan to climb their level. Through this, you can go up to the Townhall level 11, but as usual, that would always ruin the experience as the strategy to carefully use your resources would be deprived.

 Many hacks along with it were reported by the players during battles and gameplay within the clan. The game has developed its protection policy against those tricky plays and immediately bans the players for a lifetime by such malpractices making the game more toxic-free.

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