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Can Roblox IP Ban? Full Decoded Information!

Roblox is a very popular gaming platform and it is also one of the favorite games for many. The platform has millions of games each having different features.

Can Roblox IP Ban

Thousands of people gather everyday on Roblox platform to play their favorite game in the platform. However, there are some misconceptions of users getting IP banned on Roblox. Users can definitely get IP banned on Roblox. Roblox IP bans users because of many reasons. The major reason users get banned is when users violate terms and conditions of Roblox.


How Much does Roblox IP ban last?

Getting banned on Roblox is not very well liked by many of its users. However, getting banned can also be avoided once the users know the mistakes, they should avoid doing on Roblox.

There are many reasons that can make Roblox IP ban you, some of them can be found below or you can also refer to Roblox terms of service for more detailed information.

  1. Spamming.
  2. Harassing your in-game opponents.
  3. Promoting or Posting adultery content.
  4. Discriminating.
  5. Scamming

As the mentioned reasons should definitely be avoided by the player, as the users might get banned for their simple mistakes too.

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Roblox claims of imposing these bans when the users commit serious violations of the terms and agreements.

If the IP ban is initiated then IP address will remain block for 7 days. During this phase, users will see a 403 error while accessing Roblox website.

If the user tries to get rid of the IP ban using various unethical methods, then it can also lead to more severe action that might be taken by Roblox upon getting detected.


IP ban in Roblox must be concentrated by users. However, it can also be avoided by the users and it is also not a thing of worry for users who comply with the terms of service of Roblox.

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