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Among Us Mod Menu Apk – Hack Game v2020.11.17

Among Us Mod Menu Apk

Among Us is a multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal, designed and released by an American game studio InnerSloth in 2018.

It was brought in 2018 for the general public to use but it got the worldwide fame and popularity this year in 2020 after the lockdown restrictions because of the global covid pandemic because of which people are restricted to get out of their houses in order to curb the pandemic.

It has been downloaded over 100 million and got a 4.5star rating on Google Play Store from the no. as high as 9 million reviewers which shows it’s reach and popularity.


It’s a game of teamwork and betrayal and can have 4 to 10 players each assigned either of the two roles imposter and crewmate.

It can have one to three imposters and the host will decide the exact number.

As you’ll start the game, all the players in any of the roles will be in a spaceship ready to depart. The crewmates are assigned various tasks to complete while imposters task is to murder the crewmates before they’re done with their allocated work and win.

And imposters are required to get their work done enigmatically so that none of the crewmates will know of their ill intentions and actions.

In the last if the crewmates are able to complete their tasks before getting murdered or are able to identify the imposters then they will win.

On the contrary if the imposters are able to kill all the crewmates before the later can complete their tasks that too without letting them know then the former wins.

It’s a fascinating game based on teamwork and betrayal, and the player will enjoy it certainly once they start playing it.


It can be played either offline with your pal in a private room or online with randomly selected players across the world. In order to play with your friends, you need to create private rooms by sharing the game code with your buddies, and they can join using that code concomitantly.

There are three maps where you can play, these are The Skeld (a spaceship), Mira HQ (a headquarter edifice), and Polus (a planet base). The game will start as soon as it met the criteria of the required number of players then you’re free to choose the names for your avatar and your own costume.

You can choose any one of these maps as per your wish. Then there are many other features like pets, skins, and hats from which you can choose anything for your character. Then the game will choose who will be the imposters and who will be the crewmates.

4-10 players can take partevery single time in the game. The players are arbitrarily allocatedthe role of either a crewmate or an imposter and then they’re provided an alien spaceship, sky headquarters, or a planet base, where the game occurs.

The intention of the imposter is to murder the crewmates and/or destroy the spaceship. This game happen on a spaceship. Connect with your fellow players either in a private room or join a public room.

Three maps which are provided to the contenders are– the Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus. Then the game will start once the number of players assigned to the room is met. Select your own accessories and names for your epitome in the anteroom.

Then the game will decide by default who should be imposters and who’ll be crewmates. Then the game starts and the crewmates try to complete their allocated tasks while saving themselves from the imposters and the former try to reveal the later.

In contrast imposters try to kill the crewmates enigmatically before they complete their tasks while using vents to escape.

The killed contenders can continue doing their tasks as ghosts and can communicate with the other fellow ghosts in the ghost chat. Other contenders can also communicate via chat during the unlimited number of meetings.

The updated among us game has many new features which enables an alive crewmate or imposter to see the ghosts also which will help you to be aware of the tasks which other contenders are doing, so that you can vandalize them. In the earlier versions only a ghost can see other ghosts. This will help you in winning, every time you play it and there are other new features too in Among Us Mod Menu APK.

Imposters have upper hand on the cremates in the thing that they have the access to the vents. And, whenever a crewmate gets murdered then they turn into a ghost and can keep on completing their tasks and helping other crewmates while they remain invisible to the other contenders.

Among Us Mod Menu Features

1.    Always Imposter

In the Among us, you are allocated your role as an imposter or crewmate randomly. So there’s no guarantee that you’ll get to become an imposter and everyone knows that it’s more fun to play as an imposter and you’re free to choose to be imposter in Among Us Mod Menu.

2.    Unlimited Meetings

In Among Us the no. of meetings is fixed and that needs to be scheduled and if all of those are used up then the chances of reporting the imposters are shallow. But in Among Us Mod Menu the no. of meetings is unlimited and you can call emergency meetings anytime to catch the imposters or to report a body.

3.    Zero Kill Cooldown

In among us whenever an imposter kills a crewmate the he has to wait for few seconds in order to restore the kill action but while waiting that imposter can get caught by the other contenders. But with Among Us Mod APK new feature, an imposter can enjoy double or triple kills easily without getting caught by the crewmates.

4.    Wall Hack

With this new feature an imposter can cut across the walls and they don’t need to rely upon the vents in order to escape.

5.    Speed/Fly Hack

Imposters got speed advantage over other contenders which will help them to escape easily.

6.    Ghosts Visibility

Imposters can easily be caught and tracking of the work of the ghost crewmates by the imposter is also easier since now ghosts are visible to the alive contenders. So, in both ways this feature is advantageous.

7.    Light Hack

You can see things in the darkness too as a crewmate so imposters won’t be able to kill your fellow mates taking advantage of the darkness.

8.    Instant Kill

This will allow to kill the crewmates without letting them realise what thing hit them i.e., because of the instantaneous hitting of the object.

9.    Mod Menu Unlocked

A menu with multiple amazing features is now open for use.

10. Unlimited Costumes/Skins

You can choose unlimited no. of costumes,skins or hats and other things to make your experience more enjoyable and pleasing to the eyes.

11. Always Win Mode

This’ll let you win always in any of the roles even though this’ll lead in the decrement of enjoyment but it’s upto you if you want to use it.

12. Fake Vote

You can switch your vote during the voting process in order to confuse the other contenders.

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