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AMONG US MOD MENU APK – Download Latest Hack Game

by Rashmi

Are you looking for AMONG US MOD MENU APK? Yes you are in the right place. In this article you will come to know about the modified version of AMONG US.


This is a globally popular game named Among-Us, and has millions of gamers and users who like this one-of-a-kind game. Because of its high ratings and reviews, Among-Us is a 2020-mobile and 2020-multiplayer award winning game. It is a fantastic tactical and strategic game in which you need to be extremely cautious in all of your decisions or moves otherwise you will not be able to stay with the crewmates(team) for long. 


And as you are not alone in the game, it is a lot of fun to play and compete with other players. In this game, you need to do several tasks with the help of your crewmates in order to spot the imposter guy.

The Crewmates compete by having completed all tasks before being murdered or by discovering and trying to eliminate all the Impostors; the Impostors win by killing sufficient Crewmates so that the amount of Impostors equivalent to the number of Crewmates or by having a serious harm start run out; the goal of phantoms is to assist their living partners by completing assignments and performing attacks for Crewmate and Impostor apparitions, separately.

What is the Among Us Mod Menu Apk all about?

This game has certain key qualities that are only accessible in the Among-Us mod apk version. You don’t have to work as hard in this version to get new goods for your character or player in game. Since the mod version includes an incredible feature that allows you to unlock everything.

You can utilize them all even if you haven’t finished any tasks or levels. You will also receive all priced things for free, as well as premium features without having to pay for them. So, if you’re impressed by this version, go to the respective website and download it.


      Name        Among US
      Version          2022.4.19
    Category            Action
        Size            202 MB
      Price              Free
    Developer        InnerSloth LLC
    Requires        Android
  LastUpdated        31 May 2022


  • Unlocked Skins – Everyone’s favorite pastime is customizing things. As a result, we’ve created the Among Us MOD MENU APK, which unlocks all premium skins, clothes, and pets for free. Users shouldn’t have to pay millions of dollars for the skins they’ve been given.
  • Can rejoin banned rooms – Room admins will usually ban you from their rooms, making it difficult for you to rejoin them. But don’t worry; you’ll be able to go back to all those rooms after updating the Among Us MOD MENU APK.
  • Zero kill down – While playing as an impostor in Among Us MOD APK, you will have Zero Kill Cooldown. As a consequence, there is no limitation with how many kills you can create.
  • End Voting – With this modified application, you can stop voting at any time. So, now that you have complete control of the Among Us server, stop voting and eject anyone without warning.
  • Player Vision Enhancement – The Always Impostor APK will vastly improve the player’s vision over the official Among Us view. As a result, after using this MOD, you’ll be able to spot impostors even if they’re far away.
  • Countless Emergency meetings: Among Us MOD MENU gives you the most desired advantage. Everybody was only troubled by up to two cases of emergency discussions while trying to play the official version. But don’t worry: you’ll have plenty of time to schedule endless emergency meetings thanks to this cracked menu app.




Following the simple steps described below, you can download Among Us Hack on your Mobile phone.

  • Get the Required Among Us APK file for your Android device.
  • Go to “Settings>Security settings” on your device.
  • Look for and enable the “Unknown sources” feature in your security settings.
  • Download the APK file and click the Install button to begin the configuration.
  • Click “Open” to start playing Among Us after the setup has completed successfully.


The popularity of the game began growing in the coming months; by September 2020, it had exceeded 100 million users, and its player number had continued to rise to 1.5 million concurrent players, however almost 400 million of whom were on Steam, reaching a peak at 3.8 million in late September. This sudden increase in players overburdens the game’s worker, who, according to Willard, was “at that point… a completely free Amazon worker, and it was awful,” forcing him to work under pressure to quickly fix it. 

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