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XVideoStudio Video Editor Apk – Download Latest App

XVideoStudio Video Editor Apk is a video editing app by which you can add different graphic and effects in your videos. You can also trim, delete, add or remove audio and can even transform the video into and animation. 

XVideoStudio Video Editor Apk

With the help of this application you can very conveniently transform your videos to obtain professional looking results in just a few minutes. It also allows you to solve video errors and can create beautiful 3d effects. 

Specification in downloading apk version

  • Advertisement free: xvideo studio video editor apk free of ads and in this particular app you will not see any kind of advertisement any Pop-up notifications. 
  • Works in offline mode: you can have access to this all even in the offline mode so you can use this app without having an internet connections. So, you need not to worry about anything before opening this application whenever having a poor connectivity. 

Easily Modify Video Speed 

You can very easily increase or decrease videos speed according to your requirements by using expedia studio video editor apk in your android. The app provides you with a customized timing option which you can modify according to your needs. 

Removing and adding sound 

In just few  seconds you can remove the original sound from the video and add your desired sound in the video very easily. Also there is a feature of separating the sound from the current video and later you can use the sound in another video.

XVideo Studio Video Editor Apk

Adding Effects 

There are end number of effects provided in xvideo studio video editor apk by which you can make your videos more attractive and full of effects. 

Free to use 

The application doesn’t charges you any fees or there is no requirement for buying premium for editing apps. 

Compressing Videos 

You can easily compress the video into smaller size according to your needs which is one of the great feature offered by xvideo studio video editor apk

Editing HD videos 

You can also edit your hd videos on this app. The particular app provides with you lot of video quality options in it. 



Positive sides

  • The app is lightweighted and does not take much storage of your device. 
  • Easy to use
  • It is one of the best editing app by which you can easily make modifications in your video. 


  • As this app is being downloaded from third party website you will not get  any updates regarding the new version in the app. 
  • For a person who is afraid from downloading applications from third party website this can be a trouble for them. 
  • The editor features a lackluster design with confusing control. 


  • For a film maker it simple and practical video editing program and movie scene builder. 
  • There are hundreds of free songs available which you can add into your video. 
  • The subtitles provided in the app comes in a variety of text types and type faces. 
  • You can even add stickers, gif,  text over your videos. 

The app provide you with the nice and smooth interface by which you can have work great experience and it is designed in a user friendly way. 

Wrapping up

If you are having an older android version you may not be accessible to the latest apk version of xvideo studio video editor app. It features video editing for android, windows, Mac OS X and iOS. It makes the video editing process very easy and enjoyable. It contains class features and does support various video formats. 

One can easily manage material searches camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and additional editing for producing final film from all video product with the help of xvideo studio video editor apk. 

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