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Why Torrent Is Not Downloading? Fix Torrent Not Downloading!

Torrent being very famous site where a user can download large size files quickly and efficiently. However, there are lot of speculations that are being made by the people that continue to decrement the value of torrent.

Why Torrent Is Not Downloading?

Since, the users of torrent is significantly high. There has reports of certain users facing problems while downloading on torrent.

These problems tend to rise because of multiple reasons. However, some of these problems also get easily resolved.

This article will help you to highlight all the major problems and their possible fixes of torrent not downloading.


In some cases, windows firewall blocks your torrent. This can automatically also be triggered by some of the antivirus installed on the computer.

This can be easily fixed by changing the settings on windows firewall by giving permission to torrent.

2. Network issues.

Ther are some networks which don’t allow access to torrent files. For instance, people using public networks might face these issues more frequently.

This can be fixed by using certain VPN networks, which can totally discard network restrictions.

3. Corrupt torrent files

The possible problem of torrent not downloading might also have to do something with the torrent files.

If the torrent files are corrupt then you definitely will face problem while downloading. So, it is recommended to search for alternate files to have a successful download

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