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Where Freefire is Made? Origin of FreeFire + History

Free fire, a battle royale game that is enormously popular and is very addictive to many of its users. An assumed belief of whether or not it is a Chinese app are all going to be discussed here.

where freefire is made

Many of the Freefire hardcore players might want to know its origin for various reasons. Additionally, we have seen the Indian government banning apps that were Chinese.

So, in this uncertain times, it also really helps the players to get the information they need, enabling them to decide whether it is worth investing time on the app or not.

Which Country made Free Fire game?

Free Fire was basically published by Singapore based company called Sea Ltd. Since, it release it have been successful remaining in the top charts. The company CEO is from China.

A Vietnamese studio called 111dot studio developed the game. It then was launched by Garena, whose parent company is Sea Ltd on 30th September 2017.

where freefire is made

Garena being the Singaporean online game developer and publisher, under its parent company Sea limited is very much well known in the space.

 According to some sources, Tencent very well known because of PUBG also have significant amount of stake and is considered to be one of the primary stake holder of the company.


So, to summarize Free Fire being one of the best battle royale games, users will want some information, since it is always good to have knowledge with the products they are associating.

It is clear that Free fire was made by Vietnams 111dot studio and was published by Garena. However, Tencent is also involved by being the stake holder of its parent company Sea Ltd.

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