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Enable Twitch Dark Mode in Browser & Android

Hey Gamer! Welcome to the Gaming world. We are so excited to introduce you to the online games streaming service-Twitch. You must have used other services too and by now you have realized that their features are yet to reach the features of Twitch like Twitch Dark Mode.


If you ask about the proof, you can see a top gamer like Pewdiepie streaming on Twitch where his millions of followers watch the game.

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Why use Twitch Dark Mode?

For every apps and software, you will see Dark Mode is in trend.

It not only makes you appear trendy but soothes your eye as well. Who likes to strain their eyes due to the bright screen? No one, right?

It’s not that you will be needing Dark Mode for everything you use on your screen. But the point is, watching on the screen for long hours can hamper your eyeballs and sleep quality.

The extreme brightness of the screen at night makes your brain understand that it is day and thus you will be less likely to go to the bed. Got it, great!

At leastenable the dark mode for the addictive apps or the one you tend to use for long hours.

It’s time to jump to the darker theme.


How to enable Twitch Dark Mode on Browser?

Here is the step-by-step guide to getting Twitch Dark Mode enabled. Follow these carefully.

  • Click on the link to visit Twitch website https://www.twitch.com/
  • Sign in your Twitch account putting correct credentials.
  • On the top right corner, enter the same username you used for signing in.
  • Select Dark Mode through the drop-down menu.
  • Now, the entire interface will turn dark leaving menus and sidebars as it is. Here is a screenshot of how it will look like after you are done.

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Here is your NEW APPEARANCE.

Hopefully, this way you enjoy playing games for longer without putting your eyes into stress.

Here is the difference between light and dark themes. It is up to you which one you find more comfortable to go with.


How To Enable Twitch Dark Mode on Android/iOS?

Are you using an Android/iOS device? No issues. You can get the night mode on there as well.

  • Install and open the Twitch app on your device.
  • If you are signed out, do sign in again with the same account.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Tap on Enable Dark Mode.

Great! You just got the Twitch Dark Mode on your device. Pretty easy, no?

To Sum Up

We explained everything you required to know about Twitch Dark Mode. Is there something we missed out on? Your suggestions are welcome!

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