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Top 5 Websites to Visit Online When You Are Bored 

When you have nothing better to do and don’t have the energy to go out with your friends, all you want to do is mindlessly scroll through the web. But checking the same 2-3 apps repeatedly has got to get boring ultimately.

Top 5 Websites to Visit Online When You Are Bored 

That’s the thing, why should you get bored when there is an endless world out there on the internet for you to explore? This is why we have put together a list of some of the fun and completely random sites for you to visit online.

So, let’s get started!

1. Museum of Endangered Sounds

Do you want to go take a stroll down memory lane? Well, fret no more because we have just the perfect site for you to explore for hours on end. Museum of Endangered Sounds is exactly what the name means. It gives you a list of old sounds that belong to history.

YouTube video

Were you an active user of AIM? Or still, feel nostalgic for the sound of classic movie countdown? Go over to this website and listen to these sounds to get a sweet of nostalgia. However, just make sure you are connected to a high-speed internet connection, or else you will face trouble loading the sounds.

If your current provider makes it difficult for you to use the internet seamlessly, then we suggest signing up for Xfinity. Its dependable connectivity and superfast speed make it a piece of cake for you to keep surfing the web for as long as you want. If interested, you can contact Xfinity Servicio al cliente (for Spanish speakers only) and get your queries regarding installation answered instantly.

2. Chat with Cleverbot

In the mood to have a chat with AI? Look no further because cleverbot.com is an amazing and a whole lot weird chatbot to have unsettling conversations with.

This artificial intelligence is known for carrying out some of the most troubling and weird conversations you will ever see a chatbot having with a human. It has learned to chat with people from its records. Every time you talk to it, it stores it in its memory and uses it in the future while chatting with other people.

Still, it does not take away the fact that these conversations get a little worrying at times.

3. Games for the Brain

Do you want something that demands active participation in an online game? Check out Games for the Brain!

It has several games such as; Dragger, Mahjongg Solitaire, Memocoly, Checkers, Chess, What Was There? and many more. These brain-training games are perfect for people who love to spend a large chunk of their time-solving puzzles and coming up with solutions that require a lot of critical thinking.

With endless quizzes at your disposal, Games for the Brain is going to keep you occupied for quite some time.

4. Little Alchemy 2

Spend your time online in the most productive way possible. The website gives you tons of opportunities to become a little alchemy by simply having to mix and match various elements like air, water, earth, fire, etc., to create a new element.

Ever been curious about what would happen if you were given a chance to mix air with the earth? How about you go over to this site and find out that in reality, it gives you dust, as a result? The fun part is, there are no rules involved, which means you can think out of the box and let your creative juices flow.

5. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is your own little time travel machine. It takes you back to any date of your choice so you can how your favorite websites used to look back then. Whether it is Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, it shows the exact layout of every site, and that too in the timeline of your choice.

The website is truly incredible. It offers insight into the past so you can learn more about how the websites have evolved.

6. The Onion

Every once in a while we all want to read a newspaper that is written while keeping satire under consideration. It gives you good laugh and that too by providing intellectual content. The publishing of this online satirical newspaper started in 1988 and to this date, it has continued to keep up with its top-notch quality.

The articles are written hilariously and the writing is well-crafted. Even the headlines are enough to make you laugh out loud. I mean, imagine reading “Buyer of $450 Million Da Vinci Painting Sort of Assumed It Would Come With Frame”. Take our word, you will have a great time reading through it.

The Bottom Line

The world of the internet offers you endless fun and cool websites. However, it can get a bit difficult to filter through them and find ones that are truly worth giving your time. So, check out the above-mentioned sites and visit them whenever boredom strikes.

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