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Top 5 Games Which Became Most Popular in 2023 – Detailed Review!

As we enter in the final months of 2023, we can talk more clearly about the games that attracted the most attention. Some players are sticking to the ones that they know best while others like to experiment and try out new ones.

Top 5 games of 2023

But, it goes without saying that some titles generate more traffic, as well as profit than others. This phenomenon is a product of several factors. In this article, we will point out and describe the top 5 most popular games that marked 2023. 

1. PUBG: Battlegrounds

We begin with the super popular battle royale game, PUBG: Battlegrounds. This is a title that has been on top of the list not long after its initial release in December 2017.

According to statistics, PUBG generates over 100 million active players, which is a staggering number. It helps the fact that this game has a very strong and big fan base. The gameplay is super engaging and highly entertaining with a lot of skill to be acquired, which is why it is the topic of many gaming guides.


In PUBG, 100 players land on an island where they look around for tools and weapons that will help them survive. Before starting your gaming session, you have an opportunity to choose whether to play individually or in a team.

The stunning graphics make the gameplay very realistic and increase the overall excitement. Players claim rewards according to their performances in each round. If you have a solid showing in the game, then you may unlock crates that feature weapon and clothing customization

So far, PUBG has won 15 awards and featured in over 30 nominations at different gaming award shows. The last one was at the 2022 eSports Awards.

2. Minecraft

Minecraft is a well-known game that doesn’t need any introduction. This widely-played game had its first public release in 2009 but came out fully in 2011. Today, more than 95 million players enjoy it on a regular basis. It managed to stay on top for many years thanks to its ever-evolving modes and servers. Due to it’s child-friendly game modes it is also quite popular with parents.


In case you didn’t know, this 3D sandbox game comes with several modes. However, the main ones are the survival and creative modes. The first one requires collecting resources, building structures, and staying alive in the generated world.

As for the creative mode, you can easily construct as well as destroy structures and mechanisms. It also provides an infinite use of flying and blocks and it doesn’t feature a health or hunger bar.

In Minecraft, you basically have a never-ending freedom to do whatever you desire. For many players, this title is less of a game and more of a metaverse where random people come together.

Another important fact that we should note is that Minecraft is the best-selling video game in history. It managed to sell over 238 million copies.

3. Apex Legends

Next up, we have Apex Legends, another incredible battle royal game that comes with amazing features. Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA in 2019, it quickly attracted the attention of many players. This year, the game generated more than 50 million active players.

apex legends

Before each round, players get into squads of two or three and get to choose from characters known as Legends. Each character features distinctive skills and play styles.

There are two gameplay modes in this game. In Battle Royale, up to 60 players land on an island where they must scavenge for weapons and tools. The last team standing wins the round. 

Apex Legends also has the Arenas mode, where you get to play with a three-player squad against another squad. The team with at least 3 points and 2 points ahead will win the round.

Players love the fast-paced gameplay, as it allows them to enjoy multiple rounds in a short period of time. This title also has a very strong competitive scene that features many events and tournaments.

4. Fortnite Battle Royale

Yet another widely-played battle royal game that attracts a lot of attention is Fortnite. This title from Epic Games had its initial release in 2017 and it is now one best games ever made. Over 45 million players are playing Fortnite this year, which is slowly catching on Apex Legends.


It follows nearly the same concept as all battle royale games on the market. The action takes place on an island where 100 players search for tools and weapons. With the main objective being to stay alive, you will need to show some pretty good skills in order to win.

You can either fight alone or as part of a team of up to four players. A unique feature is the creative mode, which allows you to construct buildings as well as design your own world. 

The game comes with collectable resources, which allow you to build walls, obstacles, and some other structures. You can find numerous celebrities including athletes playing Fortine. The game also features at big events and tournaments, where the winners get a hefty prize.

5. Counter-Strike: GO

Finally, we have a legendary game that came out over 10 years ago and is still many players’ favourite. It is a game that almost every player has tried out at least once in their lifetime. When it came out, it had some big shoes to fill. 


But, it didn’t struggle with this task at all, as millions switched to the newer version almost instantly. Today, more than 35 million players enjoy it regularly.

The main focus of CS: GO lurks around the terrorists and counter-terrorists. In it, you get to plant/defuse bombs, secure locations, complete missions, protect/capture hostages, and eliminate other players.

At the end of each round, the players and teams get rewards based on the featured performances. The more enemies you eliminate and the more objective you complete, the bigger money prizes you’ll get.

How big CS: GO shows the fact that it is part of the biggest eSports tournaments in the world. Some of them come with prize pools of up to several millions. It is something that will surely motivate a lot of players to try out their skills.

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