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Textsheet: Top 5 Best Alternatives For Students

Textsheet: Everyone in this world is dependent upon the digital world.

Half of the population in this world always uses to search and gain lots of knowledge using the internet only.

Whenever you want to find any type of answer then you always switch on your google or Quora and try to find it.

Just as these sites there was another site whose name was Textsheet. 

Describing Textsheet this was one of the most popular questions and answer website.

Which was always used by the students for finding different types of answers which were unknown to them.

This website was used to work through API.

Whenever any person visits this site, they used to write about their queries in the search bar and within a shorter time, they used to answer the question.

But unfortunately, this site was being shut down and there was a great loss of the students.

So, in this article, you will get lots of information about why the Textsheet was being shut down and what is the proxy of this site.

After knowing all the information about the proxy site, you can easily know the answer to your queries.

Reason of Textsheet Takedown:

The main reason behind the shutting down of the Textsheet website is that was caught under copyright infringement.

This Copyright act was been filed by another site named Chegg.

According to Chegg, it was being reported that textsheet used to steal all the content from the paid students who were posting on the Chegg website. 

Textsheet always used Chegg’s API to locate all the answers being given by the students.

After that, it made that content highly resourceful and convenient for the students. 

Best proxy sites in the place of textsheet site

After the shutting down of the Textsheet site, there were lots of students who had a great loss.

This is because the students used to get all the answers very easily.

But don’t be scared this is because there are lots of sites which is proxy of Textsheet site and they are:

1.      Slader

Slader is one of the great sites for all college students.

Those college students who are in need of homework help can consider this site.

The cost of this site is very much low and you will always get your assignment question done within the given deadline.

Whenever you will ask any type of question at that time, they will always give the solutions of the thousand textbooks.

2.      Course Hero

There are lots of people around the world who don’t pay attention or can’t understand the course.

Then this site will always them a lot it has always given services to 30 million people around the world.

On this site, you will even get the subject and question-related videos, study notes, research work, guides, etc.

3.      Chegg

If you have ever used Textsheet then you may also like the website of Chegg.

This is because Chegg is similar to Textsheet.

You will get all the solutions to the questions you are checking for.

They usually provide lots of eBooks to the students.

The services being given by Chegg will be 24×7 so if you want any kind of answer you can ask them whenever you want.

4.      Crazy for study

This site is very much helpful for all the people who are studying in High School.

This site will always provide you with lots of different features that will always make the life of the students easy.

This platform will even prepare you for the advanced courses that include maths, science, and engineering. 

These are some of the proxies for Textsheet which you can use and gain lots of knowledge. 

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