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Sweet Home Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plotline

Sweet Home, an annihilating horror, Netflix original South Korean television series grounded on the Line webtoon of the same name by Hwang YoungChan and Kim Kan-bi. Its first season was streamed on December 18, 2020, which received an amazing response from the viewers. It’s the first South Korean series to find a position in the top 10 in the US Netflix list of series. After three days of its release, it’s ranked one in eight countries and was within the top 10 in forty-two countries. So, it’s obvious that its huge fan base is waiting for its next release.

Sweet Home Season 2: probable cast

Cast from season 1 is most likely to repeat their roles in season 2. Few new characters can be introduced. Some of the characters who’re likely to appear in season 2 are:

  1. Song Kang being Cha Hyun-Soo
  2. Lee Jin-Wook being Pyeon 
  3. Lee Si-young being Seo Yi-Kyeong
  4. Lee Do-Hyun being Lee Eun-hyuk
  5. Kim Nam-hee being Jung jae-heon
  6. Go Min-Si being Lee Eun-yoo
  7. Park Gyu-young being Yoon Ji-Soo
  8. Go Yoon-jung being Park Yoo-ri
  9. Kim Kap-soo being Ahn Gil-seop
  10. Kim Sang-ho being Han Du-sik
  11. Woo Hyun being Kim Suk-hyun
  12. Kim Hyun being Ahn Sun-young
  13. Kim Hee-Jung being Cha jin-ok
  14. Kim Gook-hee being Son Hye-in
  15. Lee Bong-ryun being Lim Myung-sook
  16. Ko Gun-han being Choi Yoon-jae
  17. Woo Jung-gook being Kang Seung-wan
  18. Lim Soo-hyung being Noh Byung-il
  19. Ahn Dong-gu being Lee Soo-woong
  20. Lee joon-woo as Ryu jae-hwan
  21. Jeong ha-dam as Kim ji-eun
  22. Kim Sung-cheol as Jung wooi-myung
  23. Kim Yi-kyeong being Cha soo-ah
  24. Park Ah-in being The Girl Next Door

Sweet Home Season 2: Plot

In the last season, we watched Sang-Wook trying to help Yu Ri but he got stuck himself in a pool and was on the verge of dying there. But a twist came then and Sang-Wook was driving a military van in which Cha Hyun was there. So, what could have happened to Sang-Wook? There are two possibilities regarding the same. First is sang Wook must have undergone his own transformation and must be currently in the golden hour before he changes himself into a monster. The second possibility is that in the last season Cha Hyun Soo defeated Myeong and the latter was fleeing in the military van, and since he was able to control other humans because of his possessive powers, so there’re chances that he could’ve taken control of Sang Wook’s body.

What could’ve happened to Eun Hyuk? This’s a question which many of you might be wondering after watching the first season. In the last season, Eun Hyuk was bleeding badly like an infected person but there’re chances that Eun Hyuk must have saved his life if he was going through his own transformation then any regenerative abilities must have healed his wound. He must have felt to live life for his family despite knowing that he’s not the biological father of Eun Woo.

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Aren’t you wondering about what happened to Yi Kyung? What’s she doing? In the first season, we saw Yi Kyung indulged in searching for her betrothed, Nam Sang-Won and for that, she joined the military deal and now is working with them to search for Cha Hyun Soo, so that she can know what happened to her betrothed.

Since military people can’t stop the survivors from turning into monsters, so they can’t guarantee the safety of the remaining survivors who escaped Green Homes

Since In the last season it was pretty obvious that Eun Soo has feelings for Cha Hyun soo, so there’s the possibility that we might see either their happy reunion or a tragic ending of their love story. 

Sweet Home Season 2: Release Date

Since it took around 8 months for the production of the first season of Sweet Home, which lasted from June 2019 to February 2020. And since the shooting for the second season has not yet begun, so we might expect season 2 to be released by mid of 2022.

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