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Best Sandboxie Alternatives for Windows, Mac & Linux

Sandboxie is not what its name suggests! Sandboxie is a free app of isolation and checking program that allows the developers and programmers to test the internal health and overall status of their program.

This software is exclusively designed for testing new software and the consciousness of its credibility.

You can run a new application and software through an isolated operating environment without the need to install it.


  • A free tester for all your applications.
  • Give you detailed and satisfying results.
  • Can use it without installing.
  • It is available for Windows and free to use.
  • Checks Functionality and credibility with ease.

Best Sandboxie Alternative:

1.    Enigma Virtual Box


The advanced version of the protection system is based on the sandboxing and virtualization system.

If you install this, you won’t require any antivirus or other kinds of the system protection program. Do you know why?

No rough science behind this. The reason is simple, this virtual box has all the abilities to protect your device from unwanted changes. You never know whether the changes are emerging from the online world or offline activities.

One thing is for sure, your apps files and registry files are consolidated in one executable file without losing efficiency. Plus, you don’t need to extract a virtualized file to the hard drives.

2.    Microsoft Application Virtualization


A virtualization system by Microsoft also known as Microsoft App-V is the one that lets you test the newest programs of the Windows operating system without any need of installing them on to your PC.

Don’t want to share your storage? Okay, done!

This application software makes easy deploying across a fleet of devices. If you are from the IT field, we ensure you will get benefitted from it.

The thing it does for you is it allows access to all virtualized apps to a PC client.

Recommendations? Of course, we recommend it!

3.    Spoon


Spoon…cute name though! But we haven’t put it in our suggestion list just for the cuteness it holds. There is much more into this. Dig it down!

Yes, it is the same kind of testing software (which we have been talking about) that works without even direct installing.

The uniqueness lies in its working system which is slightly different from other sandbox programs and tech-based programs.

There are three versions actually which are outlined below…

 Spoon Browser Sandbox,

Spoon Selenium Sandbox,

and Spoon SQL Sandbox.

Each is part-by-part different in functionality.

4.    Mbox


Let’s open another box of technology of Sandbox- Mbox.

It primarily focuses on deploying things for configuration or carry out suspicious activities.

If you look for some sort of troubleshooting and wish to bring your system to the earlier state- Mbox will be much of your help. It properly discards unwanted and new changes.

You can try it out!

Not to forget, it also runs the system in a sandbox’s shape that acts as a fake environment to your device. Exactly similar to what the real environment does to your system.

Mbox is a well-efficient protection tool that protects your system from extra adjustments.

Everything written in this article is safe to test and apply.

Thanks for reading!

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