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RARBG Down – Is Rarbg website down?


RARBG is really amazing torrent loved by millions of people. But if you are the one who can’t use it. Don’t worry. I will tell you the reason and solution to it.


Is Rarbg down?

Yes and no at the same time. Confused? Don’t be so.

Actually, if your country has banned it then you can’t access the official one. But there is one way we will talk in a sec.

Amazing websites like rarbg gets banned too often. It is because of copyright infringement complaints.

It is entirely illegal to provide download paid content for free on the internet. Rarbg/1337x etc got banned on the same basis.

This is the reason why the govt. don’t like these websites.

But yes you can still surf them using their proxy. RARBG PROXY, 1337x Proxy

The above-mentioned articles can clarify each and every doubt regarding this subject.

Proxies are the replica of the official websites. It means that proxy will have the same UI as of the official one, it will work the same as the official one but the difference will be only of the domain names.

Govt. bans the official domain name of the website, not the proxy.

Even many times the owners of the official website release their proxies just because they don’t want to lose all the traffic which they were getting before.

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