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PUBG Mobile Apk Download – Free 900MBs Only!

PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is an online multiplayer battle game that PUBG Corporation developed and published. It is a subsidiary of a South Korean video game and the company name is Bluehole. What inspired the invention of PUBG? The game is based on Mod games created by Brendan popularly known as “Player Unknown” which was inspired by more than 2000 Japanese films.

PUBG is about a hundred players parachute onto a place and searches for weapons to kill the opponents by avoiding their death. The zone reduces as the game players are reduced and the size of the zone decreases which can be seen through the map.

The last player or a team who remains after all other players’ death is the winner and he gets ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’. The game was released on 20th December in the year 2017 and first published for Microsoft Windows and later was released by Microsoft Studios. Now the application is available for android and iOS that was released in the year 2018. 

PUBG received positive reviews from all over the world and it presented new different types of gameplay and it sold over 80 million copies on PCs. But unfortunately, the game has been banned in some countries for being harmful and younger players were addicted to this game led to so many deaths.



In India, PUBG was banned in the year 2020 and that’s the reason why many Indian players are unable to download the application. It is also advisable not to download the app for safety. The Indian Government banned PUBG in September 2020 because of the game’s causes and effects and also due to its privacy policy. The relaunch of PUBG Mobile or PUBG Mobile lite is not yet announced by the game developers.

Speculations are numerous about the relaunch of the game and it is expected to be launched soon. PUBG addicted players used various versions like Korean and Japanese but that was also restricted very soon. The possibilities of PUBG game release have increased unexpectedly due to the constant job listings by the developer’s company.


The latest version of PUBG mobile was a huge hit among the gamers and it can be downloaded from Google Play Store. If the players are not able to download the application from Google Play Store, they can download through external downloading links that are available online.

The game includes storage of 600 to 700 MB and 1GB as well. The process of downloading PUBG mobile is given below. The first step to download and install PUBG Mobile Apk from the official website is

  • Visit the official website or can go through the direct link.
  • The player must use VPN if they are unable to access it.
  • Download the Apk file from the website by clicking the ‘APK DOWNLOAD’ button
  • After downloading, locate the file and install it.
  • Turn on Install from unknown sources from the device.
  • Once installing, the players can start the match and enjoy the exciting features that are available in the game.

The PUBG mobile beta version was released early this month which consists of various new exciting features. The game has content related to the Godzilla and King Kong collaborations. The crucial part is that the players are required to have an invitation code or binding code to get access to the beta version.

To reduce violations and increase safety the method of codes is done by the producers. PUBG mobile Apk is safe and secure unless and until the players play beyond the limited time because ‘Too much of anything is good for nothing.


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