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Pubg Hack – Download Latest HACKED APK

Like any other game it is also possible to hack pubg. Hackers by using modes like pubg mobile hack aimbot, improved aim assist, wall hacks to see other players behind the wall and can do cheating in both android and ios as well. The hackers majorly tries to do speed hack and can also pop headshots from great distances or in close quarter fights. 

Possible Mobile Hacks

  • Wallhack
  • Change Body Colors 
  • Speed shots
  • Automatic Headshot of other players 
  • High Damage of enemies 
  • Features regarding anti ban
Pubg Hack

Detection of Hackers 

  1. The hackers are kind of noob players in the game. They are not skilled to give a good fight and tend to die if you give a tough fight, so if you are a good player you will be more prone to save yourselves from the hacks. 
  2. Majority of the hackers use almost all kinds of hack including aimbot, magic bullet, super speed, Wallhack, Esp, etc. 
  3. Hackers usually prefer to use popular maps then others so avoid playing in those maps especially the Erangel and Sanhok as they are the most popular maps in the game. 
  4. Most of the players play on holidays and weekends so there are more chances in the game to be hacked weekly or on the holiday days. 
  5. Try to avoid hot drops unless you are sure that you and your teammates have acquired skills and a good internet connectivity. Because mainly in Hot drops in group 2 and  3 there are more hackers which will play ruthlessly and act as a normal player but they are the pro ones. Also sometimes one hacker kills the other hacker in order to get their name in the top hundred of the gameplay. So avoid such dirty gameplay areas. 

Popular Hacks

  1. Speed hack
  2. Pubg Aimbot
  3. Esp




PUBG HACK Preventions 

For pubg mobile players getting their account hacked would really result in their great loss. It can degrade their rank progression. one should know how to prevent themselves from getting hacked. 

  • Used different and difficult passwords

Once the hackers are successful in figuring out your password they can use the same one to invite themselves into another platform and it may cause harm to your account. It’s quite difficult to remember hard password for all the applications in your mobile so the easier way to memorize all of them is that you can use the password manager application to store your account password and then you only need to remember one password to logging into password manager and then can find out pubg mobile password as well. 

  • Two Factor Authentication 

Two factor authentication is a top security step when you sign in. pubg mobiles itself may not have this but you can create it by using your facebook twitter gmail account which gives your pubg account extra security. 

When you login to your facebook or any other account connected with a pubg mobile account you need to enter your email address or username and it required to enter the code and you receive sms  unlike your password this code changes every time you sign in only have to get the latest code the way you want. 


So if you are ever killed by someone who can track your movement behind the walls and can even headshot people from very far distances, then there are chances that you have run into pubg mobile hackers. Players killed by cheaters can report them within the  game by pressing the report icon provided in the gameplay itself and then find a report button on the same page of the score screen of ending the players profile. This method makes it easier to have access to all information required and would ensure safer gameplay.

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