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Private Eyes Season 4 – Release Date, Cast, Plotline

Private Eyes season 4 is the fourth season of Private Eyes TV series. It is a Canadian comedy- drama television series which was inspired by the very famous novel named The Code which was written by G.B Joyce. Initially, while making of this television series it was named The Code. This particular comedy- drama television series was created by Tim Kilby and Shelley Eriksen. The main protagonist star cast of Private Eyes are Jason Priestley and Cindy Sampson who were the private investigators who used to solve crimes in Toronto.

This particular television series is categorized in detective comedy- drama crime genre. The opening theme of Private Eyes is by Dear Rouge and was originated in Canada. The original language of Private Eyes is English and has total number of four episodes with 52 episodes in total.

The executive producers of Private Eyes are Shelley Eriksen, Allen Mc McCullough, John Morayniss, Rachel Fulford, Tecca Crosby, Shawn Piller, Llyod Segan, Tassie Cameron, Kelly Makin and Jason Priestley. The running time of each episode was around 43 to 45 minutes with production companies namely Piller/ Segan, Shaw (for season 1), Corus (season 2 – present). The distributor of Private Eyes is Entertainment One. The original network of Private Eyes is Global from Canada. The picture format of Private Eyes is 1080i and is of HDTV. The original release of Private Eyes was May 26th 2016 and is going on till present. The first season of Private Eyes aired ten episodes which started to premiere from May 26th, 2016 on Global channel but in United States the series was premiered on February 11, 2018 on the very known Ion Television.

The fourth season of Private Eyes was premiered in November 2020 and is currently running. The characters of Private Eyes season 4 are Angie and Shade who are seen solving crime scenes and also figuring out the deep dark spots of the crime scene. Private Eyes season 4 is one the best season of all the seasons of Private Eyes because it has got amazing plotlines which are amazingly thrilling, has romantic air and also encounters outstanding acting by the cast.


Star cast of Private Eyes Season 4:

  • Barry Flat manas Don Shade, Shade’s father
  • Jordyn Negri as Juliet Shade, Shade’s daughter season 4
  • Cle Bennett as Detective Derek Nolan
  • Ennis Esmer as Detective Kurtis Mazhari
  • Brett Donahue as Tex

Private Eyes is on the most fun thrilled and wholesome crime dramas on Tv that ever aired. The fourth season of Private Eyes is full of suspense, thrilling, romance, fun, adventurous, etc. so, if you are looking for a comedy- drama that is a full package then you should definitely go for this one.

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