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Top 5 Best NAS For Plex [Updated]

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Plex Nas: Due to the pandemic situation when the whole world is suffering from a dangerous situation.

At this time only there are who are working from home who needs the Plex service more.

This is just because Plex always tries to set up media service at home.

The Plex service will always you to configure to host and steam all the different varieties of music, movies, shows, etc.

Which is important for all the people to relax their mind.

But one thing is there if you are using Plex service then at the same time you even need the best server.

Plex needs the best Capable network attached Storage which is also known as NAS. 

While you are using Plex for the media service it’s important to purchase the best NAS.

So in this article, you will get lots of information about the best Plex NAS which you can buy and use it in your home.

But before you are buying the Plex NAS it is important to know whether it supports 720p, 1080p, and 4K transcoding. If your Plex NAS has all these features then only you can purchase this. 

What are the best Plex NAS?

The followings are some of the best Plex NAS and they are:

1.    QNAP TVS 682 

QNAP TVS 682  for plex nas

The QNAP TVS 682 is considered as one of the best Plex NAS that provides media services. This device is powered by Intel i3 – 6100 which is clocked at 6.7 GHz.

When you will buy this device at that time you will get 8 GB of RAM. After that, you can even upgrade this device to 32 GB. This device 10 GB ethernet ports and it becomes a supportive system of Citrix, VMware, and the Microsoft Hyper – V virtualization.

2.    Dell PowerEdge T30

Dell PowerEdge T30

This device is considered one of the best devices which provide the Plex NAS service. The Dell power edge comes with intel quad-core Xeon E3 1225.

With this device there you will get an option of the DVD drive. So that you can use your DVD instead of a hard drive. One of the best parts is that there is a presence of in built Plex NAS.

The consumption of the power by this device is extremely low and has HDMI output.

3.    Synology media server 2 bay NAS disk station

Synology media server 2 bay NAS disk station

Synology media server 2 is a solid base of Plex NAS. This device consists of a dual-core processor with AES encryption. The streaming of this device is capable of handling two concurrent that consists of H.265 or H.264 that can support up to videos of 1080p.

The cost of the device Synology media server is very much affordable and it can also fit in your budget. There are three main features of this device and that includes User-friendly, cheap, and plex support. 

4.    Raspberry Pi 

Raspberry Pi

One of the most incredible things about Raspberry Pi is that it is very much cheap. This device can handle up to 1080p and doesn’t have any kind of transcoding.

If you are buying the 2 GB device then it will cost you $35 which is extremely low as compared to the other types of Plex NAS device. 

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5.    WD My Passport wireless pro

WD My Passport wireless pro

WD My Passport wireless pro is one of the most common Plex NAS. This device is not at all portable devices and it comes with a wireless device.

With this device, you will get an SD card slot and a power device for charging purposes. It will give you 10 hours of battery charge continuity.

These are some of the affordable types of Plex NAS. It will always give you the best media server that includes media, music, and entertainment gives all the relaxation to the mind.

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