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Overlord Season 4 Confirmed? Information From Official Source!

Japanese Anime Television Series are always awesome. Overlord is one of them. It aired 3 seasons. Every one of them was a superhit. Is “Overlord Season 4” is Confirmed? Here are all the details.


The first season premiered from July to September 2015 in Japan. It was Pemired on AT-X.

The Second Season was out on January 10, 2018.

The third season premiered on July 11, 2018. 

After the third season, most anime fans (myself) are waiting for the fourth season eagerly.

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When Overlord Season 4 will be out?

Honestly speaking. No one yet knows about season 4.

You can expect an official announcement of the Season 4 release date in Mid December 2020.

If you are an anime lover like me. You can expect Overlord Season 4 very soon.

Story: Overlord Season 4 –


The dark fantasy series ended with Gazef Stronoff challenging Ainz Ooal.

How Ainz Kills the Gazef, with whom cooperation he killed, has picturized so far till Season 3.

In Season 4, there will be New character uniting. 

There will be some significant advancements in the characterization of Ainz. There will be an increase in more fantasy action scenes in Season 4.

Talking about the story.

Overlord Season 4 will be Anime Dark Fantasy for sure.
Characters would be more action adapted.

Overlord Season 4 Confirmed?

I will be surprised if Overlord didn’t get its fourth season. As it is immensely popular.

You can surely expect season 4 in mid-December or early next year. I have read some noises that Season 4 was said to happen at some convention.

Still, I would wait for an official announcement about it.

I won’t tell you something which is not officially confirmed. Even no one can tell you exactly when overlord season 4 will be released.

All I can tell you is the possibility of it getting released.

It is very popular for sure. Thus, makers won’t do the mistake of not going for season 4.


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