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OtakuStream – Unblocked Mirrors | 23+ Best Alternatives

If you are an anime fan and love binge-watching anime. Otakustream could be one of the best platforms to watch it. But now this is no more available. But you can still enjoy binge-watching anime online using Otakustream alternatives.


Otakustream was one of the most visited anime websites across the globe.

It had amazing anime content to watch online. But it is no more live.

What happened to Otakustream?

Websites like this usually get banned due to copyright infringement.

This happens as providing paid content for free to download or to watch is illegal by law. Otakustream was blocked on the same basis.

But does it mean you can’t watch anime online?

Absolutely no, you can still enjoy your favorite anime online without any interruption.

How? Using its alternatives that are even better than the original one.

You can go to any of the below alternatives which works perfectly in your country and use it for free.

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OtakuStream – 23 Best Alternatives to Watch Anime Online!

Here are the best alternatives to watch anime online.

Last Updated: 8 July 2020

OtakuStream ALTERNATIVESSL InformationWebsite URL
1. Kiss AnimeYeshttps://kissanime.nz/kissanime-home.html
2. CrunchyRollYeshttps://www.crunchyroll.com/
3. Anime FreakNohttps://www.animefreak.tv/
4. FunimationYeshttps://www.funimation.com/
5. Anime PaheYeshttps://animepahe.com/
6. GoGO AnimeNohttps://www.gogoanime1.com/
7. AnimelonYeshttps://animelon.com/
8. Anime PillYeshttps://animepill.com/
9. Watch NarutoNohttp://www.watchnaruto.tv/
10. Anime ShowYeshttps://www1.animeshow.tv/
11. Chia-AnimeNohttps://wwwstatic.chia-anime.tv/
12. Anime LandYeshttps://www.animeland.us/
13. Anime UltimaYeshttps://www1.animeultima.to/a/naruto_945117
14. VizYeshttps://www.viz.com/watch
15. HuluYeshttps://www.hulu.com/welcome
16. AnimeDaoYeshttps://animedao.com/
18. Anime StreamYeshttp://animestreams.tv/
19. Ani WatcherYeshttps://aniwatcher.com/
20. NarutogetNohttp://www.narutoget.se/
21. DaisukiYeshttp://daisuki.net/

OtakuStream Unblocked Mirrors:


If you want to use otakustream website. You can still surf it using some of its mirror websites mentioned below in the list.

They work exactly like the original website. The only difference is their domain names.

  1. https://go.unblocksource.com/premium/1
  2. https://otakustream.g2g.best/
  3. https://otakustream.proxybit.space/
  4. https://otakustream.mrunblock.pw/
  5. https://otakustream.unblockproject.pro/
  6. https://otakustream.nocensor.icu/
  7. https://otakustream.123unblock.pw/
  8. https://otakustream.unblocknow.casa/
  9. https://otakustream.unbl0ck.pro/
  10. https://otakustream.unbl4you.fun/
  11. https://otakustream.u4m.xyz/
  12. https://go.unblocksource.com/premium/2

Anime Sites not working?

If any of the websites are not working on the above list. Your country must have banned it.

Thus, you can prefer using a VPN or you can just go with some other website working fine in your region.


OtakuStream was an amazing service for making people happy.

But sadly it is no more working. Thus, you can prefer some of its alternatives or use the mirrors mentioned in the article.

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