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OCTOSNIFF – Download Version 3.0 PS/XBOX IP Sniffer


If you are a console gamer and play on Playstation or XBOX. Then Octosniff is the best tool for you to sniff the IP addresses of players playing with you. 

Octosniff is simply a network research tool.

It lets you sniff the information of other people/players you are playing with.

Still, Octosniff actually sniffs the packages and decrypts the usernames in them.

Thus, you can determine the information of a player simply.

Editor’s choice:


  1. No Jailbreak or mods required.
  2. Built-in ARP spoofing.
  3. Logs Exporting feature enabled.
  4. VPN Optimised.
  5. GEO IP enabled.
  6. Works on Playstation and XBOX.
  7. Detailed information can be enumerated.
  8. Easy and simple Setup.
  9. Advanced Filter.
  10. Use with XBOX 360 and PS4

BUY OCTOSNIFF – Ultimate PS/XBOX IP Sniffer:

It costs just $20 to buy the normal tool for your gaming ease. 

If you want to go with the ultimate. 

You have to pay a minimum of $30.

You can buy if from the link below.


Video Tutorial:

Octosniff tutorial


Octosniff is an amazing tool to sniff IP addresses of players you are playing with.

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