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OctoSniff – Latest Version Download For XBOX, PS

by The Suyash


If you are a console player and play on Xbox or Sony Play Station. It will be very helpful for you if you got to know about the players playing with you. OctoSniff helps you do it.

Basically, it just sniffs the player list playing with you on your Xbox or Play Station.

OctoSniff Introduction?


It is a tool specially built for gamers who play games on Xbox One, 360 or Play Station.

OctoSniff is basically a network sniff tool that will help you to determine the other players connected in the same network. Gamers use it as it has amazing features supporting their interest that I will talk later in the article. Working on this tool is quite simple. It just uses to sniff the information from your network and displays it. Network packets contain information about the players playing that this tool easily displays to the user.

OctoSniff Features:

  • No Jailbreaks or hacks required in order to run this program.
  • This software can even decrypt PS4 usernames seamlessly.
  • Everyone can use it without any hassle.
  • Built with ARP-Spoof.
  • GeoIP enables allows you to find the exact location of players.
  • Exporting of Logs can be done.

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Download Octosniff Software For PS4/Xbox:

Downloading this software is quite easy. Just click on the link below to start your downloading:

Password: EHT

Download OctoSniff

How to use OctoSniff in PS4?

Using this software is quite easy. Just follow the below video tutorial:

Games Supported:


Game Console Support
Grand Theft Auto 5: Online PS3 & PS4 Username & IP
Minecraft PS3 & PS4 Username & IP
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End PS3 & PS4 Username & IP
Table Top Racing: World Tour PS4 Username & IP
Grand Turismo PS3 & PS4 Username & IP
7 Days To Die PS4 Username & IP
Monopoly & Uno PS4 Username & IP
Dying Light PS4 Username & IP
Call Of Duty Series PS3 & PS4 Only IP
Game Servers PS3 & PS4 Only IP
FIFA Series PS3 & PS4 Only IP
Prominence Poker PS4 Username & IP
Battlefield 4 PS3 & PS4 Only IP
ARK: Survival Evolved PS4 Only IP
EA SPORTS UFC Series PS3 & PS4 Only IP
NBA Series PS3 & PS4 Only IP
Dead by Daylight PS4 Username & IP
PAYDAY 2 PS4 Username & IP
World War Z PS4 Username & IP
Friday the 13th: The Game PS4 Username & IP
Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Only IP
America’s Army: Proving Grounds PS4 Username & IP
HITMAN™ 2 PS3 & PS4 Username & IP

Source: Official Website of OctoSniff


The OctoSniff is one of the best network sniffing tools out in the market for gamers. According to me. Yes, it causes problems with XBOX but works smoothly on Play Station 4. You can download it and use it without any risk to your gaming system.

If you face any problem regarding the download or installation. Let us know via the comment section below. Our team will get in touch with you soon to solve your problem asap.

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