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NotSoBot Commands – Latest Commands List [2023] [UPdATED]

If you are interested in trolling with help of  images want to create your own gifs notsobot is perfect solution to you, it will help you in creating your own memes.

NotSoBot Commands

With help of Notsobot you can create your own GIF from static images can search images and emoticons from Google and many more to do. You can even edit someone’s profile.

It provides you with the ability to tag a user while editing his or her profile. It allows you for editing photos automatically which you have sended to the server.Overall it is basically a kind of discord by which you can on your own add free voice and text chat server bot. It is one of the most entertaining bot server.

Adding Discord Bots

You can find a discord bots from any creators website online. You have to push the invite icon for directing through the bot you want to add. You can only add a bot to a server of which you are the admin of. The bot will appear on your server and then you can have access to it.

All bots has a series of chat commands which are used in server for getting performance of certain task. In order to discord bot command you have to type into the chat box and press enter it will follow up with discord commands.

Removing Discord Commands

If you wish to ban or remove a bot from your server you have to go for the right click and have to search particular bot name under server list and then have to select Kick or ban icon depending on whether you want to remove that particular bot or want to permanently ban it  from your server.

Commands and their functions

  1. Ban Command –This Command is used for banning a member for a limited amount of time by entering the limit in the command.
  1. Mute-if you do not want to speak to a person for a limited time period you can use mute command to mute a member.
  1. Tagging-for accessing to list of tags you can use this particular command.
    ?tag(optional category)(optional search )
  1. Members-in order to identify list of members in a role you can use members command. Which has a maximum limit up to 90.

Commands for Notsobot

  1. Applying magik to the image
  1. Wall Texting
  1. Applying magik to GIF
  1. Reacting 
    react<message_id>* <text/emoji(s)>
  1. Aesthetics

Editing  people’s  profile picture commands:

  • You have to visit someone’s profile which you want to edit and download the required image. 
  • Press control + shift + 1 all at once, and then you will able to open inspect element on discord. 
  • Afterward you have to go to the elements icon on the top of the bar.
  • Then you have to push the square with the arrow going towards and then have to click on profile picture of the person you want to make changes.
  • You have to keep on going with the inspecting element until you find the desired image.
  • The image will have a resolution limit at the end.

Final words

If you want to surprise your server users with creating funny stuffs,Notsobot  is an ideal platform for you. Its quite complicated to understand all the functions but you can visit help centre and they will send you a command page and from there you can have a quick glance how to perform things and have fun. Once getting known to this bot you can very easily transform anybody’s profile picture or can even sent to the server. Hence attach the bot to a server to have an amazing and exciting journey. 

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