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Minecraft’s Best Version: What’s the Best of Minecraft?

Minecraft is a famous sandbox video game that has been played by millions of players all over the globe for over a decade. It stood the test of time because of its timeless gameplay and unrestricted replayability, despite its primitive visuals. Yet, deciding which Minecraft version is top-notch might be challenging because of the plethora of options.

Minecraft's Best Version: What's the Best of Minecraft?

Early Versions

Released in 2009, the first Minecraft version is now referred to as “Minecraft Classic.” There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles or settings to play around with in this edition of the game. While it may have sentimental value for certain fans, it is not the recommended version of the game.

This was followed by 2010’s Minecraft Beta, the next significant update. New features and game types, such as crafting and survival, were added to this edition. Even though Minecraft Beta was a huge step forward over Minecraft Classic, it was still missing a few key aspects that would make the game what it is today: a timeless classic.

First Complete Edition

After years of development, Minecraft finally saw its official release in 2011 with version 1.0. The End dimension, non-player characters (NPCs), and the ability to create potions are just a few of the new elements included in this edition of the game.

Many players agree that Minecraft 1.0 is the finest version of the game so far, since it is such an improvement over Minecraft Beta.

The release of Minecraft 1.5 in 2013 saw the addition of various features, including alterations to redstone and the addition of new biomes. The new weather system in this update greatly improved the game’s realism and immersion.

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Version 1.5 of Minecraft was a significant upgrade over its predecessors, but it was still not hailed as the final, complete release of the game.

Version 1.8 of Minecraft, published in 2014, is generally regarded as one of the greatest iterations of the game. New biomes, buildings, and mechanics were all added to the game with this expansion. The advent of maritime monuments is particularly noteworthy since it presents players with a new obstacle to conquer.

The 2017 release of Minecraft 1.12 was another substantial upgrade to the game. New blocks and objects have been included in this update, along with graphical and performance enhancements. With the introduction of concrete, players were able to construct ever more elaborate and detailed buildings.

Recent Updates

The most recent significant update to Minecraft is version 1.16, which came out in 2020. New biomes, mobs, and customization choices were all included in this update. The introduction of the Netherite tier, which granted players access to more powerful weapons and armour, was one of the most noteworthy changes.

Best and Most Popular Versions of the Game

The truth is that everyone has their own opinion on which version of Minecraft is better. Even though the most current versions of Minecraft have more features and gameplay possibilities, some players may prefer the classic edition for its simplicity. 

Despite this, Minecraft 1.8 and Minecraft 1.16 are often regarded as the finest versions of the game by users because of their enormous feature sets and upgrades to gameplay.


Overall, Minecraft has grown into a game with a long history that keeps gamers of all ages interested. Although every Minecraft release adds new content and changes the gameplay in some way, the most popular versions are 1.8 and 1.16. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Minecraft has enough content to keep you entertained.

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