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List of Best 3ds Games Pokemon

Anyone who knows anything about video games and gamingconsoles, know that the Nintendo 3DS is the original gangster! It is a handheld gaming device that was designed, manufactured, and produced by Nintendo over 10 years ago and remains popular

3ds games Pokemon

One thing that madeNintendo3ds so extremely popular is the fact that it offered 3d image and resolution without the need of special 3d glasses.

To achieve this, Nintendo used the stereoscopic technique which, in simple terms, deepens the image resolution to give it a 3d effect.

Another great feature is that it comes pre-installed with various important and useful applications such as Netflix and Huluand Nintendo’s online shop, Nintendo eShop.

After its immense success the Nintendo 3ds was launched in different versions with varying small specification such as CPU power or display size.

Two of the most common examples were the Nintendo 3ds XL and Nintendo 2ds.

In this article, we mill talk in depth about one of the most beloved games of the gaming world: Pokémon. And how it relates to the Nintendo 3ds.

All Pokémon related games are available for purchase on the Nintendo store and some of the most popular editions are:

  • Detective Pikachu
  • Pokémon Crystal Version
  • Pokémon ultra Sun
  • Pokémon Ultra Moon
  • Pokémon Sun
  • Pokémon Moon
  • Pokémon Omega Ruby
  • Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
3ds games Pokemon

And much much more!

There are eight generations of the Pokémon series so far and there are plenty yet to come as Pokémon is one of the most successful games sold by Nintendo ever, second only to Mario Kart. Nintendo managed to sell more than 300 million copies of Pokémon video game series by 2017. The 6th generation of the Pokémon series was the first one to be compatible with the Nintendo 3ds.

One of the reviews of the Pokémon series on Nintendo 3ds was as follows: “The new Pokémon games on the Nintendo 3DS are the most welcoming yet”

The first versions of the Pokémon series – Sun and Moon were already approachable and easy to understand video games. They supported 9 languages, inclusive of both versions of Chinese – Traditional and Simplified and provided players with option of making every little change their Pokémon avatar – hairdo, skin color, you name it! Apart from that the Pokémon Sun and Moon had a certain quality, je ne saisquoi, that somehow made them more fun to play when compared to other version releases priorly.

This wasn’t because of any huge, extra, out-of-the-box feature. Instead, it was because of a sequence of small but quality changes that when combined delivered as much as a greater change and truly transformed the user experience. One such example is when the player attacks another creature, a list is displayed wherein all their weaknesses against attacks are displayed which makes it easier for the player for future attacks. There was also a feature called the “experience share” which made it easier for Pokémon to raise against weakness.

While these changes may not seem like much, they truly make a difference when you compare them to the older versions. Another reason why this gam is so popular is because anyone can play to without having any prior knowledge or experience but that does not mean the game does not have any depth to it! It is still jam packed with adventure!

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