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Is Google Always True? If yes then why? If no then why?

Google is the most trusted company in the world. Its search engine is known all over the globe. Whenever you have any small or big doubt you google it, right? 

But do you think Google is always right? Do you think a site like Google can even make mistakes?


I know you must be thinking how can this guy question Google? Google has always given the right answers for your project and assignments. It has always been with you whenever you needed it. 

It is due to Google that you passed the last exam and it has helped you all your life. But hear me out, I can explain why I’m asking you whether you think Google is always right or not.


Short Introduction to Google:


Google search engine is one of the most widely used search engine in the world. Followed by Yahoo and Bing. 70% of the search engine market in the world is acquired by Google. 

Google has certain crawlers or spiders which crawl every second through every website to provide data that is relevant to you.

I know you must be thinking, we are not tech experts. Why is he not telling in simple language? Okay. Let’s rephrase it. 

Google’s search engine has certain bots or robots as you call them which work for us day and nightand check millions of websites daily so that you can get the most relevant data. 

Do you still feel that Google is always right? No problem. I’m here to tell you some inside information which will help you in deciding whether Google is always right or not. 

Features of Google


Earlier Google’s algorithm was based on specific keywords. Where you had to type something and then it would give answers according to it. But after the ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm update. 

Google now tries to understand the whole meaning behind the whole question/sentence and then gives an answer with the most relevant content. 

The answers which are given by Google are based on what the crawlers find relevant. These answers are positioned keeping in mind the searched keyword and the relevance to the audience. 

You still believe Google is always right? Let’s debate on it. 

Is Google always right? 

Most of you have realised that Google is not always right all the time and can be wrong. For those who still don’t believe it. We’re here to help you.

Have you ever used Google Maps and still got the wrong directions? Or have you searched something and got the wrong answer? If yes then you got your answer.  

Google is right most of the time as bots work for them. They search from millions of website to give content which is relevant to your search. 

Google is a medium to provide information. The information which is written is not by Google but my some authors which one shouldn’t trust fully as they are also humans and can make mistakes like us.

What do we say?

Technically speaking, Google can never be wrong as it never provides any information of its own. It uses crawlers or spiders to find the most relevant content and ranks it for the user. 

The content is written by authors or different people like you and I. Google’s task is to only find whatever is most relevant to you. Thus, we can say that technically Google is never wrong. But you should do your own research before trusting anything. 

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