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Hyouka Season 2 – Release Date, Cast, Plotline

Hyouka Season 2

Hyouka season 2 could probably be the second season of the very famous Japanese anime series which is based on the Japanese mystery novel named Hyouka. In Japanese Hyouka mean ice cream. This particular Japanese mystery novel is written by Honobu Yonezawa which was published in 2001. Hyouka is an anime series comprising of 22 episodes which is is an anime adaptation and produced by Kyoto animation and directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto. This web series was add from 22nd day of April 2012 to 16th day of September in the year 2012. This Sanam series is a live action film which stars Kento Yamazaki and Alice Herose.

Hyouka the anime series is written by Shoji Gatoh and has got music by Kohei Tanaka. The studio in which it was produced is Kyoto animation and was licensed by Funimation Muse Communication. Its original network include CTC. TV Saitama, TVQ, TVK, KBS, Sun TV, GBS, Tokyo MX, MTV, BS11. Its English network include Animax Asia.

Hyouka Season 2

Hyouka is all about a high school mystery anime in Japan. It is a great and I’m series for those who are manga reader and likes to explore the different types and kinds of Manga and are basically someone who loves reading mystery graphic novels and comics. This and I’m series is about Highschool mystery novel that revolves around the main protagonist of the story who is Oreki Hautraou San a great life loving student who never wishes to have colours in his life and ok with that is tastelessness in his life. This person never cares what is going around him and every other student around him is busy joining different clubs and I’m busy making new friends but the protagonist has no interest in doing anything as such. He seems to be a rather shy student who doesn’t like talking to anybody around him and likes to conserve his energy for himself. He believe in doing nothing and is lazy. This introvert characters is the protagonist of the story and he has got excellent deduction skills.

The first season of Hyouka ended on 17th day of September in the year 2012 and after that the viewer and the fan of this particular and I’m series are eagerly waiting for Hyouka season 2.  It is a bit sad but father season of Hyouka that is Hyouka season 2 is probability what the makers of this anime series are not thinking about. The writer Mr Yonezawa spoke about it telling that there are hardly any hope for Hyouka season 2. According to him there is a very little chance that the second season of Hyouka will be encountered by its fans and audience. So he request them not to keep their hope high for the same. Bath after few years and other animation companies said that they are interested in continuing Hyouka further. So currently there is no such updates that will there be any second season of Hyouka or not but it is very likely to expect that the audience of Hyouka are going to get good news regarding the same in the year 2021.

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