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How to make lead in Minecraft – Updated FULL Tutorial

Minecraft being a very popular game is a very exciting and worth spending time on. Lead in Minecraft facilitates the player to explore new fun in game horizons. Here is the tutorial for How to make lead in Minecraft.

How to make lead in Minecraft

A lead in Minecraft isa tool that is used as leash. Any passive mob like sheep, cat, dogs, etc. can be tied to a lead, and helping them move in a mob.

Lead can also be tied to fence in order to force the mob stay still. However, there are certain objects that are to be gathered or generated initially in the game.

Materials required for creating lead in Minecraft:

There are only two resources that is needed before creating lead. It takes only one slimeballs and four strings in making lead.

1.Slime Balls

Slime balls are relatively much harder to find. It can be obtained by defeating a bouncy green mob called slimes. Slimes spawn on underground caves or swamp biomes.

making lead in minecraft

2. Strings

It requires a total of four strings to make lead. There is more than one way of getting strings in Minecraft.

You can get strings by killing spiders. Spiders can be found in caves having light level of 7, as most of the spiders spawn in the night.

Strings can also be obtained in many more ways like looting dungeons, killing striders and cats, or breaking cobwebs, etc.

3. Crafting table

A crafting table can be made by using four wooden planks. To create a crafting table, you open the inventory and fill all the four slots in crafting grid with a wooden plank.

How to make Lead in Minecraft?

After successful completion of preparing all the necessary elements or resources, it is now time to know the steps involved in making lead.

First step is to open the created 3X3 grid crafting table.

On the crafting table, place 1 String on the first block of the first row. Proceed further by adding 1 string to the second block  on the first row.

Proceed further by adding 1 String on the first block of the second row. Add another 1 String on the 3rd block of the third row on the grid.

Lastly, place 1 slimeball in the 2nd block of the second row. After implementing all these, lead will be created.

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Lead in Minecraft is extremely useful. Lead can also be crafted very easily. It provides users with multiple numerous ways of operating things in Minecraft.

Therefore, with this guide it will never become a hassle for anyone anymore while creating lead on minecraft.

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