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(Updated) How to Get Local Channels on Firestick?

How to get local channels on firestick? We have already created an awesome blog post on Amazon Fire Stick and some related channels.

Here is one another dash of awesomeness that you will come to know through this blog.


Get engaged to it until the end. We have compiled a huge list for you.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Amazon Fire Stick? Netflix? Hulu? Prime Video?

Well, we knew it and so we have added every info that you need to know.

You are in luck, you are going to read about the ways of how to get local channels on Amazon FireStick, here itself.

The options to get local channels on Amazon FireStick

  • Individual networks
  • Streaming services of TV providers
  • Third-party services
  • Hardware

If you ask us about the most affordable option, we would recommend access through the streaming services of TV providers. You won’t face any coaxial cabling or tough set-top-box rentals.

A small cost-cutting is due to separation from traditional cable and satellite TV subscriptions.

Let’s have in-detail talk on them.

Yify Proxy

With Network-Based Apps

Let’s grab all the info you will be requiring for this major network.

Follow these steps quickly.

  1. Go to the Home category using your remote.
  2. On your same remote’s navigation ring, click right to enter into the Apps category.
  3. Tap on the select button.
  4. Follow these consecutively – press down to discover features on the sub-menu> click right to discover categories> press Select.
  • Now head to Movies & TV category>Select.
  • You will get apps like ABC, NBC, and others. Choose and select the one you like.
  • Now highlight Get>Select button.

If you want to watch a live episode, a subscription is required. See below how to watch one.

  • Let say, you open the NBC app. Click Live on the menu.
  • You can select any broadcast from the guide. We chose to go to the local NBC.
  1. You will see various TV providers on the screen, choose yours.
  2. If you wish to unlink at some point in time, click More > Select > My Profile > Unlink button > Select button.

Streaming services from TV Providers

Please stop if you are about to take any quick action just because it has promised affordability. It has drawbacks. You only have limited streaming content to avail through this service.

You can install AT&T’s Watch TV, U-verse apps, DISH anywhere you wish. Out of luck, Chater Spectrum TV and Comcast Xfinity service are not available.

Third-Party Services

Some third-party apps provide local channels. For instance, you can access the Sling TV app on Fire Stick or Fire TV.

First, you have to subscribe to a third-party service to get local channels on Firestick.


The way is simple- just purchase a digital antenna (what we are calling hardware here) and connect the very hardware to your PC.

You will be needing software to get those over-the-air broadcasts. Easy? Yes!

So that’s it! Which way are you heading? Drop a comment below to let us know.


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