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How Roblox Was Made? 3 Minutes Story!

Roblox was created by Roblox corporation. The game was launched in 2006.  Its founders were David Baszuck and Erik Cassel. It is a gaming platform which has many cool features. It lets the users play games and the platform also has many user-generated games. 

How Roblox Was Made?

All about Roblox

The beta version was released on 2005 later by which they launched the original version on September 2006. The game became hit very quick after its release.

Roblox was build keeping in mind to provide its users with the best experience. It did was successful in creating a game that was fully enjoyed by its users.

The platform became famous among Kids as the games that were present on Roblox were relatively aligned more towards Kids expectations.

However, there we also significant number of adult users that were on the Roblox Platform. So, Roblox has a mixed number of users depending on various factors.

The game that are created in Roblox by the users are coded in Programming language Lua. As of now, thousands of games are present in Roblox presently.

Some of the well known Roblox are given below :

  1. Adopt Me!
  2. Tower of Hell
  3. MeepCity.
  4. Brookhaven.
  5. Piggy
  6. Work at a Pizza place.
  7. Royale high.


The game is free to play but there are in game purchases that can be done. Robust is currency inside the Roblox that can be used in game purchases.

Roblox are not only created to give user immersive experiences but are  also being created while giving utmost importance to users contributing to their creativity and imagination.

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