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Hero Forge Alternative: Best Alternatives to design 3DPrints

Hero Forge Alternative: How if we say you can create and create a 3D miniature? Will you believe it?

Hero Forge Alternative

Yes, you can do it yourself with Hero Forge. You don’t need a grand team or rocket-science knowledge to achieve this.

Before digging deeper into the fact, let’s have a smooth walk over the basics.

What is Hero Forge?

When you enter into the kingdom of 3D printing and customization technology, you need a tool that can create made-to-order miniatures. Hero Forge is what you come across the very first time.

It is embedded with great features like facial expression, poses, hairstyle, body size, weapons, and many more on the list.

Still, every technology can’t be perfect for everyone. We get this.

This is where the need for Hero Forge Alternatives arises.

We have come up with the top Hero Forge Alternatives that can serve your purpose without making your wallet cry. The alternatives  powered with best features and techniques making it unmatched.

Without any further ado, be ready to read the best.

(Updated) Best Hero Forge Alternatives:

1. Desktop Hero

We recommend it and there is a valid reason behind every recommendation. In Desktop Hero, you can create the designs of your choice and get it printed at a happy cost.

When you compare it with the cost of traditional printing, the cost is relatively lower.

desktop hero

You can avail the miniatures of price ranging from $3.50 to $5.

Don’t forget to navigate to the in-built library where you will have huge options.

Pick it now to create a fine-tune 3D character.

Did we mention that you can share your creativity with the global world?

2. Eldritch Foundry

This alternative is long-known for its customization and modeling abilities. You can work on minute details like genders, poses, facial structures, appearance, and whatnot.

eldritch foundry

The best part is, Eldritch Foundry has collaborated with the latest games which consequently give a modern look to your creatures.

The sharing option is active here too.

If we talk about the charges, it is $35. Not a tough deal, though!

YouTube video

3. Hero Mini Maker

Choose from the humongous library that lets you chose 800 predesigned styles with all mini details.

It has a massive range of weapons, masks, helmets, etc that brings life to your imagination.

hero mini maker

You can work on its knees, arms, waist and other body parts to make it closer to your imagination. The quality is outstanding and unmatched.

YouTube video

4. PCGen

It has everything you need to craft a quality miniature of your choice.

This software is very functional when you look at it on the grounds of on-time task delivery. This open-source character has customization, unique designs, an enormous library, and the ability to handle tricky parts.


Don’t worry about other issues, this is free of charge and bugs. Pick this sun java-based program to revive your imagination in your 3D creation.

What do We say?

You can use any one of them or more than one to create a 3D miniature. You won’t regret it at any point of time. There are plenty of options and features to make it look unique.

Tell us, which one is your favorite Hero Forge Alternative?

All the best for your creation.

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